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Yellow Submarine

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This YS kit is a small but pretty detailed kit. It is from the PS game VF-X. It has a pilot (non-scale), base for the valkyrie and the valkyrie. Which can be built either normal or strike variant. Here are a few pictures of the contents.












I am starting to work on the base. I will post more pictures as I progress. I hope things turn out well since this is my first resin kit I am building. Wish me luck.

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Here is the base and the launch arm. The launch arm is mostly assembled, only the lower arm has to be connected, after I paint them. I can't believe how detailed the parts are. Especially since they are so small. I am using Snap On side flush cutters to get the pieces off the sprues. There is not too much clean up. I sanded down all the pieces, then gave them a wash in some dish washing soap. For assembling the parts, I am using regular crazy glue. Seems to be holding fine so far.


Here is the base painted. I am disappointed though. I sprayed it gunmetal, but it looks black. Should I keep it this color, or shoul I use a dark gray instead? Or can I do a highlight wash on it?


Well I repainted the base and launch arm a dark gray. It looks alot better. Here is a picture of the lower part of the arm that connects to the nose, and the upper part of the arm. The yellow parts were a bit_h to paint. I had to use a toothpick to paint them. For the black I just used a gundam marker. On the little round pieces I added red dashes to the ends of them to make it look like the anime. Anyway soon I will be starting the valk. More pictures to come.


Here is another small update. I cleaned up all the pieces and gave them a nice bath. Here is a picture of the pieces I will start to paint.


Here is the fighter painted. I just used the good ole Testors white to paint it. It came out pretty good. Tomorrow I'll paint the armor.


Ok. I finished the armor. I used Testors model master Grun for the armor. And for the GU-11 and the thrusters I used the model master gunmetal.


Another small update, I painted some of the blue and black on the valk. For the blue I found one that is a pretty close match. It is Grabber blue by Testors Model Master. I just brushed it on, and the black was done by a Gundam marker.


Ok. I did alittle more. I added the verniers to the pack and the leg armor. I painted some of the details in the upper legs. I also tried to to a wash on it, but I think it came out alittle too light. I used Tamiya's german grey for the wash.


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Another small update. I painted the thrusters inside the feet red. I also started assembling some of the parts. I still can't get over the detail resin kits have over regular plastic ones. It is coming along quite well.


OK. I started to assemble some of the parts. I also applied the decals to the leg armor and the booster pack. I remember someone saying that they had to scrape off the paint for the pieces to adhere, so I made sure I scraped off a little section of paint where the crazy glue would be.


Another angle.


Here it is with the pieces put together. I still have to finish the stripes along the side if the nose. Since this kit I bought didn't have any decals, I have to paint the stripes on the wings and the nose. Then I have to apply the UN symbols, and the 001's. After all that is done I can finally glue the rest of the fighter together.


Another angle.


Well here is another small update. I still have to either paint or put decals for the U.N. Spacy symbols, and finish the pilot and the cockpit. I put the launch arm together though. Here is what it looks like with the valk attached.


Picture 2. Side view.


I finally got around to finishing the fighter. The only thing left are the missles. Don't know when I am gonna get time to finish those though. I had a real hard time with the kite symbols. The decals that came with the kit are not the right size. I even tried to use the Imai 1/144 ones, but they are too small. So I had to color them in by hand. Anyway here are some pics.


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That came out really nice, I can't believe how detailed that tiny thing is. You know you've done a good job when you can't tell what scale something is.

You need to put this in the "How to build a model" section.

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Nice Job,

but you wanna display is upside down

cos that is the correct way

it is suppose to be the launching bay/arm from the belly of the Vahalla

the valkyrie should be hanging down instead of up as in your picture


and since you have completed one

you should start getting the others,

and form your 1/144 scale Vahalla launch bay diorama


cool work once again


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Thanks Noel. I figured that it was supposed to be upside down. I don't wanna take a chance and mount it upside down, and have it come loose and smash the valk. I don't think I'll be getting the rest though, I am only fond of the VF-1 series valks. Probably the only way is if they are selling for cheap. ;)

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For 1/144 scale, that is a great job!!!

What happened to the "Zentraedi Size Macross pilot?"

Should have finished and put nearby as tumbs up! That's what I am giving you: 2 tumbs ups!


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Thanks... I still have not painted the non-scale pilot, but another member did recast them. I got 2 casts for supplying my original. And i am surprised my review survived... I thought it was lost forever....

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I'm really jealous of that non-scale pilot figure. Does anyone know where I could find one these days? I'd pay a pretty penny for one~!

How serious are you?


All I've done so far is clean it up and prime it. For the right price I'd let him go.

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