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Can anyone post a pic of a Millia VF-1J with Stealth Fastpacks.


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Thems some nice wheels my man. :o

You will probably dig these pics then. Note the $12,000 Termignoni WSBK 62mm exhaust system. That system came off of Hodgesons bike. And don't forget the $6000 radiator and oil cooler. Those are of of Eric Bostroms AMA bike. I didn't pay nearly that kind of money for the parts, but that is what they cost :)

It makes an honest to goodness 163hp to the wheel. The WSBK bikes make about 181hp

It weighs 364lb (165.5kg) with battery and starter.

What kills me is that my new 1098 makes 161hp with just exhaust and race fuel :o



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next to the stealth that the fast packs belong to (i'll finish stickering it one of these days)

you can see how dusty everything is.

Now all I gotta do is find out how to buy a Millia with no FP's and a set of Stealth FP's with no Valk :blink:

thanks for posting the pics Chowser!

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Geez!! thats more than I paid for my 05 Ymaha R1!!!!!

Race stuff starts getting crazy expensive.

Brembo Monoblock Radial Mount GP brake Calipers $2400 per side

Ohlins Gas charged Superbike Forks $12,000

STM 48T slipper clutch $2000

It goes on, and on, and on.......

That bike in the pictures would cost about $75,000-$100,000 to reproduce. Of course I don't have nearly that kind of money in it. I get race team parts for free sometimes, I do all of my own work, etc. But even with the best of the best as far as good guy deals go I still have $30K in that bike. And it's only about a seconfd a lap faster than my GSXR1000 that I have $15K in. But a second is a long time over 25 laps ;)

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i've been a big fan of the stealth fastpacks since i got an extra set for kicks and put it on my DRYL Hikaru 1A.... it simply looks awesome and clean.... Now if i had a Miriya 1J with fast packs.... i'd put try to swap out the stealth FP's on my Angelbird and put the red armor on that and maybe the black on the Miriya for kicks once in awhile...

too bad i don't have a Max/Miriya pair.... haha....

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