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My Review of Macross Flashback 2012

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Hey guys,

I just finished and posted my own review of Macross Flashback 2012 on my blog:

Macross Flashback 2012 - Review

If any of the information is inaccurate or you think i can improve it in some way then please let me know, all comments and suggestions welcome from Macross newbies and experts alike. I want my review to cater for all audiences.

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I really enjoyed your reviews on Macross Flashback 2012 & Cosmo Police Justy(I loved that Viz mini-series).
Thanks terry, i will be posting another review next week, I hope to do Macross DYRL very soon too.
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Nice review, but you may want to remove the "other short scenes to conclude the story for all the major characters" phrase. I have the Story Board and Dialogue book and the "new" ending tacked on in 1992's DYRL Perfect Edition is pretty accurate to what the storyboards originally called for. The only differences are 1) Minmay is obviously younger in the original storyboard, 2) Minmay's stage outfit is different, and 3) the only scene actually missing is one of Hikaru and Misa sitting in the audience. Keep up the good work! B))

edit: It's not really a biggie, but 1992's DYRL Perfect Edition was also released on VHS. IIRC, it was around $100 back then :blink: And that's not even accounting for inflation.

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All erased when the Megaroad-01 suffered an Amelia Earnhardt-style disappearance weeks before the Rio Olympics. Even with an intentional cruise to the black hole in the centre of the milky way galaxy was considered as the culprit, the fans keep on debating up to this day, some coming up with a separate Zentradi ambush, an accidential and irreversible shutdown of the NAVCOM systems, Hiraku/Misa/Miku/Minmay/Kaifun escaping to a "safer planet" by the escape pods, all of those keep on being debated independently from Studio Nue's original remarks.

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