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just starting the 3D modeling topics :)

I have recently revisited a 3d model that has been collecting dust in my PC for almost 2 years... it's still far from being finished... mostly because the lack of accurate schematics of the vf2ss... anyway, here's the current status with a temporary texture:


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Hey vicviper! I see by looking at your avatar that you're a Getta Robot fan! I did, a couple of months ago, a Shin Getta 3d model for a Maya 3d exam. The light effect really suck because I did them really fast.



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Wow! New boards! Cool.

Thos are some nice models. I'd especially love to see the VF-2 in a game somewhere. =p

Anyway, I'm a total newbie when it comes to 3D modelling, been wanting to get into it for a long time. Mostly what I'm looking for is a proggie that'd be best for modelling mostly characters. Then I'd need a tuturial for a total newbie.

I have Gmax, haven't been able to figure it out. All the tuts I can find are for intermediate level modelers or something...

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hum... your model looks quite good, specially the body, but the head, I think you can improve it a little... take a look at the head of my 3d model (it's the same I used for my avatar)

Maybe... I actualy never saw the anime ; I used a toy as a model so maybe that's why the face may looks wrong...

here's a shot from the back.


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Hey Mathieu,

Maya exam, eh? Where are you in school, what are you focusing on, and are you still there?


I study in multimedia in Cégep de Maisonneuve in Montreal in Canada. In this program, we touch everything from websites, videogames, design, 3d, sound, video... It's a 3 years program and I'll start my 3th year next monday. The cost of this program is really cheap because it's in a public school (something like 500$US per year). I'm not sure but I think it's the only public school to teach Maya in North America.

Personaly, I'm not really into 3d like some freaks that I know. I prefer drawing on paper and writing scripts.

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