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Shirow Guges Land Mate Kit

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I have that kit. It was produced by B-Club and it's mostly a solid block of resin. There is also a not-so-great Deunan torso in the cockpit. I will try to dig it out and post some photos.


I know your message was 2 years old, but I've started to think of that kit again. Do you still have it? and would you consider selling it?

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If all you're after is a Guges-D kit, E2046 has this kit up for pre-order:


More pics can be seen at the sculptor's site here: http://homepage1.nifty.com/musuke/ in the "kousaku beya" section.

Mellow yellow, you're my savior!!! ^_^

I was praying for guges model kits like the very first time I red Appleseed...almost 20 years ago!

And finally my dream come true. Look at this super sexy Guges-D!!!! B))

Holy molly! And ther's more to come...

A thousand thanks for this link, I will preorder mine right away. :lol:

:huh: This site, E2046, do they sell original or only recast?

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