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Odd question--has nothing to do with toys or anime...


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Hey folks,

I am sick and tired of protected m4p files... I can never transfer them to other devices (i.e. to my psp...).

Is there some other places where you can buy mp3 (or better quality format) songs online that not not protected?

Thanks for the info.

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Not to try to hijack this thread too much, but I'm just curious as to what bitrate you guys use for your MP3 files?

After some experimentation I found that 128kbps seems to offer the best balance for me between acceptable audio quality vs file size.


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Apple announced today DRM free songs from iTunes at a slightly higher cost but with increased bitrate as well.

Hey Gaijin,

Thanks for the news. Where can I get more info in this? I checked the apple site, but there is no mention of this... If this actually happens, it'd make things easier for me.


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