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1/48th VF-1 scale enviro picts

Erik C Lindgren

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Welcome back to MW.

Would you mind if we use some of your pics for the MW main page?

I'm just imagining how good some of the cusom Valks by Kurt, Jung etc would look in a diorama like this.


My appologies, I have been very busy with work the last week. I am planning another photo shoot down at the layout this weekend. If you have any ideas, list them out for me and I will print them and do the work.

Graham, I would love to share these with anyone, and if you would like to post them on the main page FIRE AWAY! Thanks for asking.

Sadly I only have the following equipment: (Too Many Hobbies, Too Little Money! B)) )



VF-1J White

VF-1J Miria

VF-1J Max

Strike Set

All Except the VF-1S have Super Attachments.

So if you like please specify any of the previous. I should do some custom valkyries. I did have a Low Viz VF-1A the first issue from a few years back, I sold it :angry: to a fella in Colorado Springs. Perhaps he could meet me there with it. If anyone wants to stop by the layout with other customs sometime.. No problem ;)

Erik :rolleyes::)



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That looks great! Too bad there's no Regults we can put in there... :(

One of my only beefs about 1/60 (which I otherwise far prefer over 1/48) is that it's just not common enough to let us use other stuff.

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