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Merry Christmas!


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Here's this year's Macross ornamnet. I didn't think I would keep to the ship's theme this year too, but it was easy and took less time from the Daedalus build (updating that today too).

[attachmentid=39237] [attachmentid=39238]

[attachmentid=39239] Last year's Daedalus ornament on the tree

[attachmentid=39241] Open

Merry Christmas! :) - MT





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Thanks guys! Maybe next year I'll HAVE to do the SDF-1! (I have one good clear ball left). We actaully did manage to celebrate the REAL reason for the season, but I must admit I spent a lot of time playing, errr I mean building my children's toys. Yes I am a true Macross fan (if the Daedalus build doesn't say that clear enough, I don't know what will :) ).

I thought the original ornament was naked, so I updated it a bit. Thanks again for your kind and entertaining words! - MT

[attachmentid=39255] [attachmentid=39256]



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