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On 9/25/2020 at 3:12 PM, electric indigo said:

That looks so good!


It was criminal of Bandai to drop their 1/35 Patlabor line before making the Zero.

You can always try tracking down some of Kaiyodo's old 1/35 vinyl kits, which can still be found for decent prices on Y! Auctions Japan. No articulation though. B-Clubs old 1/35 vinyl kits have some limited articulation, but are harder to find. You can see some of those kits in this picture of my stash:


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I ordered 3x Helldivers from Amazon Japan, they should arrive by Monday :D 

Really really really hope we get the Phantom , AV-98 Economy , AL-97 Atlas / AT-97B Hannibal

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I snapped up my 1st of 3 helldivers. This is how it looks straight out of the box.


The helldiver comes with prepainted head and foot parts in that military blue-ish gray, as well as pre-painted crotch for the orange / silver. You get two heads so can switch freely between commander and trooper.

It comes with 3 visors, 1 painted in blue, 1 in orange and 1 clear for customizers. The plastic is softer than typical bandai fair so nub marks are easier to get rid of, but on the flip side the plastic very easily shows stress marks. the brown parts are very poly-cap-like plastic. The Fit of the parts is pretty good except for the inner thighs that will require some gluing and clamping to really get rid of the unisightly gaps.

I was really impressed that the kit has full-color instructions but funny enough they're only in Japanese which while not a problem for me could be for others that can't read. Maybe the US-version will have english instructions?

Anywho, Helldiver doesn't look too out of place next to the Side-Labor toys. The moderoid Ingram is pretty much 1:1 size of the Bandai Side labor Ingram so it'd look the same either way I guess.


Can't wait to see what they bring out next :D


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