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Man the Tamashii Webstore Campaign is driving me nuts.

Long story short, Ingram unit 2 will be stocked on the tamashii web store, in commemoration of unit 1 / 2 they're adding some sorta fun bonus campaign.

In all ingram unit 1 boxes you get a sheet with some instructions, (prolly a code) and then if you order unit 2 on the webstore you'll get some special option parts that can be used on the command car for Unit 2 and also special parts for Ingram 1 and Ingram 2. They'll announce the special rewards later.





魂ウェブ商店にて「ROBOT魂<SIDE LABOR> イングラム2号機」の商品化が決定!!

「イングラム1号機」に封入のシートに記載の方法で2号機を注文すると、『98式特型指揮車(2号機指揮車)』と『1号機&2号機用 オプションパーツ(詳細後日公開予定)』が手に入ります!


MAN...... i think I'd better use my wive's address and do this campaign in JP to get my special parts :p

On a side note, WOO HOO, they just confirmed Unit 2 comes with a command car for Unit 2 :D

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Patlabor Reboot


Original work

Director, storyboard, direction, director of photography and editing
Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Kazunori Ito, Yasuhiro Yoshiura

Original Character Design
Masami Yuki

Animation character design and animation director
Naoyuki Asano

Mechanical Design
Yutaka Izubuchi

CGI animation director
Matsui YuAkira

CGI director
Kobayashi, Manabu

Color design, color specification and inspection
Terumi Nakauchi

Art director
Yuji Kaneko

Kenji Kawai

Sound director
Yo Yamada (Sound Team Don Juan)

Yutaka Izubuchi

Planning and Executive Producer
Anno Hideaki

Animation production
Studio Khara


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Is Patlabor Reboot going to be a season length TV series or Movie ?

And how does it relate to The Next Generation ? Because then they will have 2 'retelling' in .such a short time.

From the looks of it, it was just a 10 minute special. According to the promos.

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