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Wtb: 1/48th "stealth" Vf-1j Strike Cannon


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Unfortunately this thing is already out of manufacture at the factories according to Yamato by proxy of HLJ.com, so my hopes of purchasing a matching Strike Cannon from there are gone.

What I'd like to purchase is the 1/48th "Stealth" VF-1J's Strike Cannon and, if possible, the single-mount RMS-1 missiles although those are a lower priority.

I'm really not sure what a good price on something like this would be, though. Can anyone toss offers my way?

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you might have a hard time finding someone to part out there new toy, specially if they are a diehard collectors. once these parts are sold it may be hard later on down the line to sell the toy if they are forced to. so you might not see parts for these on the market for a long time. i think Low Viz parts are no different they never really show up.


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