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Bandai Vf-1a Angelbird!!!


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That's a very nice Angelbird. Are you planning on making the entire sqaudron? Would really be nice to have five displayed together. ;)


At this time I have 12 stripped 1/55 valkyries waiting to be customized. I do have one incomplete 1/55 Angelbird valkyrie that I'll probably sell on eBay. I'm a little short on space and with 12 other valkyries waiting in the wings, I need the space. As for a whole squadron, it's definitely a possibility. There's been such an Angelbird drought in the Macross community that I'm not above overcompensating with 5 of them. :lol:

To answer your question myk, I'm not really into the 1/48. They're bigger with more bells and whistles but they're just not as fun for me as the 1/55. I really miss the days before all of the Yamato's and Bandai reissues came out. There was so much creativity here. Hopefully, customs will once again become the driving force it once was. I really looked forward to seeing when some of the original customizers like Jung, KidKorrupt, RTH and Rosario debuted their 1/55's. It was like Pimp my Ride Macross style. :p

Viva la 1/55!!!

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Oh, I hear your praise for the '55. I strongly believe that the '55 is one of the greatest toy designs of all time, however the '55 does not accurately represent what the VF-1 looks like...

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Badass!!!!!! You should do another one and sell it on evilbay.

It's funny you should say that because I'm probably going to be auctioning off this one on eBay next week. I need the space. LOL! Besides, I have another in progress that I'll be keeping with my Bandai collection. Can't get enough of the 1/55's.

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