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1/65 Fire And Blazer Valkyries


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Can someone please give me details on these? Who's the manufacturer, what quality are these, are they worth it at all? Thanks.

Also, what about Bandai's Fire valk?



that first one is the bootleg versions.

they're ok if you dont spend too much, i bought them for $5 each at a store in chinatown in toronto.

the 2nd one, i can't see any pictures, but they say it's the bandai reissue. i think i paid $40 when they first came out, I have this one displayed in the cabinet, don't play with it too much, i've got my yamato 1/72 vf-19a that i play with.

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The second one is the bandai reissue. First are boots. If you look at the box where the bandai logo should be, and see a character instead, then that is one way of telling if it is a boot.

The reissue is packaged in fighter mode (and I think some of the detail is painted on rather than as stickers) while the first issue was in battroid mode.

I own a bandai and they are pretty light weight but good quality. The joints are stiff, it has a nice glossy shiny look to it, and is very playable and fun to transform and handle. Posability in the hips is not too good though.

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Just a warning, the bootleg blazer is the same mold as the fire, so the wings are incorrect. Not a huge deal except that the wing stickers that come with the bootleg blazer ARE shaped for a bandai blazer, so they won't quite fit.

These toys are durable and look better in battroid mode than the Yamato YF/VF-19 IMO, but that's where their coolness ends. A good toy for customizing :lol:

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