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6 Foot Long Daedalus Scratch Build Up


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Thanks guys! I fixed the year in my post to read "2011" (thanks EXO ;) ) The original VC-27, VC-33, EC-33, and fanliner photos are in an older post some years back if you're interested, do a search. Work has me busy lately so no Daedalus construction. I had it sitting out on our kitchen bar making access to the sides easy, but my wife got tired of seeing this six foot long "picket fence" sitting between the kitchen and dining room area (I thought it looked cool - every house should have a GIANT piece of Macross in it :lol: ) I'm hoping to get somewhere with it this weekend. Take care guys! - MT

You know, you've put in only about 5 years of your life into this, I really don't see the problem in putting in a few more building the Prometheus to go with it, maybe do the main bridge as well? Maybe redo the whole thing in 1/100 scale since there's lots of valks out there in that scale now.

In all seriousness though, awesome work, and I sincerely hope you make it your life's work to build the rest of the ship (the entire SFD-1).

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Thanks Peter. I'm actually working on it RIGHT NOW. I took a break to check e-mails. I've built the big box in the back and now I'm working on latches for it. It covers the lowering device for the motor pod so it must com on and off easily.

EXO - I cannot confirm nor deny anything (except that I'm not done with this thing yet)!

I am thinking of selling this thing when done. It seems to be just too big! Plus getting stuff in 1/200th is a major pain to find - when available. I'm thinking of going 1/350th. It's smaller, cheaper, and I can find aol most anything want in it. A whole Nimitz class carrier is only 38" long and can fit in a curio. Even Peter said it, 1/100 is easy to find.

I bought the MRC/Trumpeter 1/350th USS Wasp. It has EVERY ground vehicle and aircraft I like or could need on a ship:


The rest of the aircraft I like are $7 a box for six. Anyhow, that's how I'm thinking right now. Take care guys and I'll post photos as soon as I take some. - MT

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UPDATE 19 MAY 2011

Well, after a month of working my butt off at work, I was just too tired when I got home to do anything on my baby, but now I'm back on it! The upper rear (suspected container crane holder and side loading ramp areas) is now getting worked on.

The first part completed was the "hanger" for what some of us suspect is a container for a "loading/unloading crane." It's the very rear end of the ship - for now. You can see some of the scraps that I used to make the inner (no one will see) frame for the railed area.

That area is now covered and I scribed in with a 1/8" wide chisel being draggeed along the edge of a ruler.

Photo 3337 shows where an "lip" should be where the container crane would normally "park" inside (all supposed) of course). I'll be making a lip since this box will be covering the raising/lowering works of the motor pod.

3339 through 3342 shows the lip and the intircate corners I had to make. the corners were originally left open, fit with carefully cut corner bits, and then covered with TONS of superglue. File it down and then sand it and you get a noice smooth and round corner ready for some paint!

That' it for now. By the way, I still can't get into my old computer so you're stuck with my Christmas Avatar :) - MT










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Hi Carl, all is well. Things are just goign a little slower on this than I'd like ^_^

Hey Regult, this was actually shipped to my current house in a custom crate the size of a coffin. I'm sure as people drove by, they said to themselves, "what the heck!?"

This thing is so big, I am seriously thinking of selling it. It takes up a lot of room, but then again, it is designed to be a display case in itself! - MT

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BIG UPDATE 5 June 2011

Hey everybody, dig out your Sir Mix-A-Lot CDs and sing along with me..."I like big butts..." :lol: You guessed it, I've been working on the stern of the Daedalus. When anything measures across in several scale meters, you gotta call it big!

First off, construction of "the dog food bowl." That's what my young daughter called it. You know, it DOES look like one too. I coulda bought one and saved the time making this one ;)

"Stern 1-7" photos show the basic construction of the final stern piece before detailing it inside. Note just how crooked the box got glued into the "dog food bowl." When I stretched it out into the rounded corners that's when I got problems. Of course while gluing it in I was at a perspective that did not allow me to see the crookednes!!!! Oh well, I want this done and I wasn't about to redo it again - unlike other assemblies you've seen.

"Stern 8" Shows the "facy" snips I used to make the serated doors. I saw these scissors years ago and knew I'd use them on the Daedalus some time. My son asked what they were, I said nothing ans just cut some paper with them. He said, "space ship doors!" I'm proud of him :D Putting this second layer on the inside actually de-emphasizes the crookedness.

"Stern 10-11" shows the completed "bowl" with details and then it glued to the rear. There i still A LOT of cleanup to go on the rear. when I was gluing this on I needed a compact weight so I used the best thing I could find that I have, a WWI shell fuse (INERT). I've still got to add some detail and sand/file ome corners.

The rest of the photos I believe are self explanitory. See if you can find the Spartan destroid in the photos for size comparrison (where's Waldo :p ).

"Stern 9-10" show the doors inserted into the stern assembly. This is what I'm guessing the Daedalus would look like connected to the SDF-1. All the drawings just show blackness so I used some artistic license.

The rest of the "money shots" help make it worth the while spending all this time building this monster. You can see that I'm about 90% done now. I'm defenitely in a "glass is half full" kind of attitude. It should be done soon - construction wise. Then I gotta figure out how/what to paint it.

That's it for today. I had to get this thing off the breakfast bar again or my wife will get ticked. I don't see why, it only takes up 80% of it, no big deal, and it looks cool, she just doesn't agree :lol: Thanks for checking in everyone! - MT



















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Thank you everyone for the compliments and comments. I freaked out one day. I came home and noticed the Daedalus was no longer on the counter! I didn't move it! What happened!? I asked my wife and she said she and my daughter moved it together! I thought - NNNOOOOOoooooooo!!! I went and checked on it and thankfully nothing was broke :unsure: So I try to keep my family from messing with it. ;) Yes, I'm getting there. Main parts to complete:

1.) Bridge.

2.) Side panels & detail.

3.) Stern details and brace thingy (check out the line art).

4.) Re-assemble interior pieces.

5.) Slap some paint on it!!!

Thanks everyone for checking in. I hope to have more work done this week! - MT

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Amazing work as always!! What I find truly incredible is your wife letting you take over the house like that. Lucky you.

Me... I have a dark room without light (not a small cave, but close) where I am allowed to built my models...

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Thanks Sebastian. My wife knew what she was getting into BEFORE she married me; I litterally warned her :lol: As far as your room goes, just go to the hardware store and add some lights. I LITTERALLY built mine up bit by bit. Some of my monthly model money would go to "improvements." Take care! - MT

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UPDATE 4 JULY 2011 - Happy Indpependance Day USA!!!

Hey Everyone! Happy 4th of July to all us "Yanks" out there! Another year and we're still here - thank God! My aplogies for the delay in posts or replies. About two weeks ago we had a serious electrical storm that blew out our cable modem and my netbook! It literaaly blew up the modem! It had several loose semi-conductor pieces inside - I put them in a bag to remember! And I ALWAYS run and unplug our stuff durring storms - except at o'dark hundred! One bolt I believe hit the house or right next to us. The whole house shook and my two little children were shaking like leaves! Two circuit breakers tripped too. And now my netbook smells like computer death warmed over :( But it was a good excuse to repair my desktop so I'm back online.

After two years (baby steps) the sail and bridges are done for the Daedalus. At one point my wife caught my son and I working on our projects at the workbench. He has a ship I'm helping him build (when he's not playing with his Transformers) and of course you can tell what I was working on by my post. She thought it was "SOOOoooo cute" she took photos.

You can see the completed photos of the Navigation Bridge. If you ask me, it looks like a shark's mouth with teeth. This is the last item completed. The Tactical Bridge is the taller tower. I managed to get it mounted up this week too. If you look back in this thread, you can see the photos for the building of the interior gears and drive belt that run the radars (air search and surface search). The SDF-1 had both types of radars and old fashioned antenna so I did the same here. Plus it adds action to the whole thing.

I also completed the reels on the bottom that are supposed to be for a crane !?!? Don't ask, that's all it says in the drawing text - no "how" it works or for what it goes too.

I also completed the bridge seating and painted it too. Here the paint is still wet.

Then the Navigational Bridge masts were turned on my drill press. The shafts are conncted with springs to the tower. If the masts are struck or bumped into, they simply spring back - no heartache over broken plastic and hours of work (save all your printer parts when you take one apart ;) ). The same was done to the Tactical Bridge already.

You can see the sail latches made from simple tube and spare sprue pieces. The sail is now ready to be put into service. And oh yes, the radar movie... I couldn't post it due to lack of rights :( Sorry!

And a couple of other shots of the port tower as it was attached first.

That's it for now. I'm glad this thing is getting finally getting done - the end is in sight!!! :lol: Take care guys and enjoy the shots! - MT














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It sure looks great after all these years. In few weeks hope to return to models again.

Sorry that sparky had fun with your electronics. Glad your house didn't get hit.

Even with spike protectors, the nightly drill is to unplug before bed.

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The detail to the bridge and antenna arrays is beyond impressive MT, your Daedalus just keeps getting more awesome everytime, can't wait to see it all painted & lighted up!!

Last year we had a major lightning storm here, knocked out power to half of Lawrence and pretty much fired out my hard-drive on my PC, the one time I go down the block for more than 15 minutes and left my PC on.... who knew.

Keep the pics & updates coming!! B))

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Thanks guys for the compliments and lightning related encouragement :) I forgot to give props to EXO for his COOL T-shirts! Or as my son said - "the coolest T-shirt ever!" I'm hoping to get this thing done soon! Take care and thanks for checking in! - MT

P.S. My wife said I should have copyrighted "Mechtech" since the Transformers highjacked it ^_^

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Wow.. 6+ years (or is it more like 9 years including planning?).. I can never do such a long project! It looks great thou.

I can't wait for Youtube video of the remote controlled action sequence of this thing!!!!

I bet you have a bunch of 1/200 Destroids and Valkyries also being ready in the background?? :lol:

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Thanks Kyekye! It has been about nine years really. I WILL be working on a video for it too as soon as it is completed and in the water. Not to mention all the other stuff working too! Thanks for checking in. - MT

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Thanks Kyekye! It has been about nine years really. I WILL be working on a video for it too as soon as it is completed and in the water. Not to mention all the other stuff working too! Thanks for checking in. - MT

Please film in at least 720p, :)

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Has anybody ever said you guys are demanding? :p I don't know about a blue or green screen, but maybe that's a good idea! I'll have to see about that. Filming in 720p, is that 720 pixels wide Peter?

I just have my Casio Exilim camera (EX-G1) It takes great photos, and the video is pretty good depending on lighting.

Anybody thinking about me building a Promethius in 1/200 scale - just quit while you're ahead. :rolleyes: The promethius is bigger than the Daedalus and far more complicated. Why did I build the Daedalus? The conversation that I had with myself sounded like this:

"hey, build the Daeadlus! Its an easy boxy shaped ship and it won't take long to do. Everything will be easy to do in long pieced sides. You can even add electronics and motors to for realism!" Then I said "Yeah!, let's do it!"

Too bad I can't say I drink or do drugs. Then I could give the excuse I was stoned when I made that decision, but I have no excuse and I don't drink or do drugs ^_^ I guess I have no excuse. I have learned that I will not make another ship this big ever unless it's a commission and I'm getting paid millions :)

Thanks guys for your responses! - MT

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Too bad I can't say I drink or do drugs. Then I could give the excuse I was stoned when I made that decision, but I have no excuse and I don't drink or do drugs ^_^ I guess I have no excuse. I have learned that I will not make another ship this big ever unless it's a commission and I'm getting paid millions :)

How about lack of oxygen.

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If I had millions, I would gladly commission you and a team to build a 1/10 scale SDF (both TV and DYRL versions) to rival the 1/10 scale IJN Yamato in Kure. Then I'd commision a 1/10 scale IJN Yamato for my own and a 1/10 scale Space Battleship Yamato to go next to it.......just imagining 1/10 scale Strike Valks to go with it gets my nipples hard.

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.just imagining 1/10 scale Strike Valks to go with it gets my nipples hard.

Wouldn't they be like 3 or 4 metres long :)

Hell slap engines in them and you could fly em.

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