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bob joe mac

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Ok well as you prob don't know i am prob one of the biggest giant robot fans in these formums maybe 2nd to Destroids Rage only. But I just watched this Real robot show called Vifam (all 46 eps) and Man that show was great I mean I just rewatched the first ep and it alone has some of the most intense battles and character developments in ONE ep alone. I did a quick search online for more info on it and I really didn't find much except the pages in japanese. But I highly recommend this to any giant robot/ anime fan. I mean sure the Giant robot designs really aren't much but I like their simplicity. The only thing that bothered me was the enemies weapons and how they worked but whatever a great show.

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Never had the opportunity to watch it. VIFAM was one of those series where the mecha designs appealed to me regardless of what the story turns out to be. They're some of Kunio Okawara's better real-robot efforts. The old HCM toys are pretty nifty. :-)

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Bob Joe Mac. You simply must tell me where you aquired the entire series of Vifam! I've been looking for it for years! So far the only place I can find it is expensive Raw VHS tapes, and the Japanese recently released DVDs. I've always wanted to see it. The opening is somehow very awesome, and everyone has great things to say about it. There was even a more recent series released wasnt there? Vifam 13 or something like that...

At any rate, I really want to know how you got your hands on that Vifam ^__^ !


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1 hour ago, Big s said:

Sometimes it takes a while for a new kit to happen. I guess Vifam doesn’t get the love that other shows had.

Really don't know much about Vifam, but do have some old stuff I accumulated from various lot auctions over the years....vintage cards and old school furokus from the series...maybe some shitakis....

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6 hours ago, Vifam7 said:

The old 80's kit was pretty darn good for it's time.  I built one long ago...

I had a few back in the day. There was a pretty good treatment for the hg dragonar1, so I think this will be worth the p Bandai issue. If it’s like the previous Hg Sirbine and hg Dragonar-1, then unfortunately it probably won’t be available at the U.S.store unfortunately.

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The more I see of that hg Vifam, the more I want it. Hope they do new versions of some of the other ones from this show. Re releasing those old ones does bring back memories. I used to have a little hobby shop around the late 80’s early 90’s called Tomcat hobbies and the owner would sometimes find these as well as some other older anime kits. He would buy them off of sellers that were often military that were based overseas and he’d resell those in the shop. Pre internet was really a different time for buying mecha kits.

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Bandai is re-releasing old kits as a set with some updates on the plastic colors.

January 2023
- 1/144 Vifam w/ Sling Pannier
- 1/144 Dillfam
- 1/144 Wug
- 1/24 AllOver









January 2023
- 1/144 Torunfam w/ Sling Pannier
- 1/144 Neofam w/ Sling Pannier
- 1/144 Recon Type
- 1/24 TwinkleHead








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