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We're very sorry for the oversold situation with Voltron. Over the week, we received feedbacks and suggestions from our customers and we listened to you. One in particular stands out:
"if you received 140 orders and let's say 120 paid immediately after the invoice email, would you be processing 70 refunds on that very busy day... just honor the first 50 people the invoice and cancel the rest of us that way we can move on looking for it"

After much discussion, we decided to implement these procedures for similar situations:

1. We will send $20 PayPal invoice for NON-Refundable Deposit for the first 50 customers (1 qty for 1 customer) for commitment. If some do not pay within 3 days, we consider that they do not want it anymore, and we will send it to the next customers and so on. We will start sending invoice for deposit on Monday, March 11. 
If your order number is 100030278 or lower, you will get the PayPal invoice on Monday. If you do not get it, please make sure to check your spam mail folder.
We will also notify the remaining orders once we have receipt deposit for all 50 orders.

2. When the item arrived, we would send PayPal invoice for the remainder of the amount to those 50 customers who put deposit. We will give 3 days to send payment. After 3 days, we would call and email the customers who have not paid yet (please give valid phone number and email address), and then we would give extension of 4 days to send payment. If no payment is made after additional 4 days, we would consider that you want to cancel your preorder and forfeit your deposit.

Before sending deposit payment, please read our policies (just for this particular item):
1. There is no replacement for defective/damaged item (replacement may be possible if there is any cancellations).
2. For box damage, we would still accept return, but buyer pays return shipping.
3. We would still pack it nicely as usual for all orders, but for extra care, buyer has the option to pay extra $5. For extra $5, we will do everything (such as bigger boxes with extra padding) to make sure that the item arrives in the same condition. If the item still arrived in the condition that is not acceptable to you, we will cover the shipping fee back to us. Please let us know in advance if you want to pay this extra $5 so that we will include it in the balance invoice when the item arrived.

Again, we're very sorry for causing this situation and the way we handled it in the past.
This happens from time to time because we lack the capability to sync our inventory system to our website system because we sell at multiple platforms.
Regardless of our decision, we know that there would be unsatisfied customers, but we do want to make a decision that we believe is fairest to all customers.

One thing that sold us to the suggestion above is so that customers who could not get it would move on as soon as possible and get it from other stores so that they would not miss out on this figure because they are waiting from us.

We apologize for the lengthy email and thank you for being our customers and be patience with us. If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.

Eknightmedia.com Support


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Got that eknight order in, just fit in the allocation they reckoned, but I'm not holding my breath still, cuz they said 'around 50' so we'll see. 

Not sure i could pick a favourite though out of all the Voltrons. Original since a kid was the Panosh one that fits the figures in it, loved that. The madtoys looks great for a twist, the new one based on teh new show looks great as well.  I'm hoping the SOC will hit me with good feels as well. I have way too many V's though. I wish the Mattel supersized didn't have that stupid auto transform for the legs, badly implemented and sets off easily.


But love em all =-)


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The pre-order madness has hit. I think I remember even the official Voltron store had the American version of the toy. And of course so did Amazon and other US stores as it was distributed most likely by Diamond. I don't think this re-issue is Japan only. I don't see why it would be as since they are releasing a Vehicle Voltron, people will want the chance to get both of them displayed together.

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Does anyone have a good replica of the Lion starter / badge key? The Voltron store made a limited flash drive some time ago that I missed. Also Toynami made one with their deluxe Voltron from some years ago. But you couldn't get that separately. I think those are the best two that I've seen.

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Oh man, the hype is real, that looks brilliant. Highly doubt I'll get to snag one on HLJ or any other Japanese site, but I'm fine with that, US Bluefin will put one out with the Vehicle Voltron sleeve for the box, and shipping from BBTS with other stuff works for me, shipping this from Japan would be costly to say the least.

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Alright, when should I get the whiskey and coffee ready for pre-order night?

That’s a ton of articulation they’re showing off.  Hopefully, those joints will be strong as stink.

They’ve come a long way from 35 years ago:


EDIT:  So, about US$350 at the current exchange rates. :unsure: 

Hopefully, it comes with a full complement of weapons.

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I know the original line art gave the foot vehicles large(r) front bumpers...but if I were to have only one critique from what's been revealed so far, and not that beggers can be choosers (and I've been begging for one of these forever) the bumpers imo really stand out and seem just a tad bit too long.


It reminds me of the early Volvos when they were pioneering their crash safety rating and developing their ultra-shock-absorbing bumpers...


Other than that I'm super excited and ready to pre-order!

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That’s a very clean looking back on VV/Dairugger XV!

Along with the pics that Kuma Style posted in the SOC thread, this is looking purty.

My only minuscule nit is that I wish the forearms could be positioned facing towards the sides, instead of always facing front.  (Look at the blue forearm in my post above to see what I mean.). 

Just looks a little weird, but I suspect it was a design compromise.  And they’re giving us different fixed pose hands probably to compensate.

And I agree about the bumpers.  I thought they would fold down for stability purposes in combined mode.  But I don’t get why they’re so elongated. :unsure:

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Although I enjoy my Miracle Voltron a lot, one thing that bugged me was that due to their engineering you had to switch the feet in Land Team mode resulting in them being on the wrong side.


It's great to see the SOC version get this and so many other things right!


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