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Not Macross, But..


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Not Macross, but still pretty topical - the flying carrier from Yukikaze:


First thought: Oh my God the pricetag! (19,000 yen!)

Second thought: Oh my god it's tiny! (only nine inches across)

Third thought: Oh my God, at that scale the real thing is nearly a kilometer wide!

The fourth thought is pretty much a given: "I want one!"

Now, does anyone have a list of banks I can rob to pay for it? :-)


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Wow, that's seriously cool looking. If you do find a bank you want to pick me up one also? I'l pay ya back, really :D


After taking a good look at the cutting board underneath the model, I discovered I was wrong about the size - it's nearly 19 inches across, rather than 9. Which means that the 1/1 dimensions are on the order of 960 meters long, and 1880 meters wide...

It's still too expensive for my budget, though.

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Ah, yes. Omo Ore Toys' 1/4000 Banshee IV.

I have one. It's incredible.

That box contains some of the most detailed pieces of resin I've ever seen. The panel lines are absolutely amazing.

Remember how impressed you were when you first saw the panel lines on Hasegawa's VF-1? Multiply that by about 1000 and you'll just about have my first impression of the Banshee.

I can't remember exactly, but I think it's about 14" wide when complete. Maybe more.

It's obviously modeled directly from the CG model. And the panel lines are laser engraved. No human hands could have possibly done scribing work that intricate.

Look at the pic on HLJ. See those areas that look like patches of gray? Those are panel lines, washed in black. Many of them.

But, I'm afraid it's still not as accurate as I'd like. It's missing some details, such as the rigging from all the sensors on the bottom, and it's also missing some scaffolding in front of the hangar. Probably some other little stuff too. And it would have been nice if it included some options, like opened hangar doors.

So like all the other Yukikaze resin kits, as incredible as they are, I'll be spending a lot of time scratchbuilding detail parts for them. Sigh.

I really can't wait to see some of these built up. This thing's already got the makings of a masterpiece. All it'd take is some rigging and a killer paint job to bring it out.

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