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Mw Straight Shooters List

Dangard Ace

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A little late but I wanted to combine as many as possible. I'd like to give;

+1 to Exo for a great deal on the Destroids T-shirt. It's a nightgown on her and pics will follow - who else has pink destroids? HA.

+1 to nukatsuka. I'd give a +2 if I could as he was patient and understanding when the USPS had his armor set floating around in the Pacific for 3 weeks.

+1 to jennety for a smooth armor transaction with great communication.

+1 to Sandman and hirohawa for smooth transactions.

Thanks to all.

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I'd like to add my +1 for >EXO< and Macrossman. Bought valks from both, and both were super smooth excellent transactions.

I also sold a plastic model kit to RTJunkie, and that was a great transaction as well.

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I completed fast easy transactions with a few MW'ers in the past couple of weeks:

  • Graham
  • NinjaTaco
  • usagiz

+1's for all of them on communication, very good packaging and fast shipping.

All Excellent!

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I had a perfect transaction with Obijuan. He's a truthworthy member that sent the purchased item with tracking and made sure that he's kept in contact with me until I received the item. Please include him in the Straight Shooter's list. He more than deserves it.

thank you.

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Have had very pleasant, easy and quick transactions with the following buyers over the last 3 weeks:-

  • gwfalcon.
  • Old Man.
  • Boyarque.
  • RT Junkie.
  • Valkyrie23.
  • sf648.
  • Kicker773.
  • Two Ducks.
  • Loop.
  • Los.
  • Stormshadow067.

Payment from all buyers was extremely quick and communication was clear and prompt. I would not hesitate to do business with any of them again.


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Two thumbs up for Rabidweezil, properly packaged and very fast delivery as well excellent communication and fast at answering questions.

If I can find room on my bookcase I might just buy from again! Thanks again!! :D

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