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Mw Straight Shooters List

Dangard Ace

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1 hour ago, dafob said:

And a special shoutout to @Sanity is Optional.  With his help, I'm FINALLY the proud owner of the 1/60 YF-21 FAST pack -- something I never thought I'd own without buying the ridiculously expensive booster pack.  He sold them to me separately for a reasonable price, completing 1 of 2 reissued YF-21's I own that didn't come w/ these parts.

Glad you could use them, we need pics once you've put them on :)

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I have bought several items off a few forumners here over the years until recently, and I really owe belated feedback:

@Cdisdope was the very first person I bought from not only here, but also as the first direct overseas transaction in my Macross collecting journey. Everything went smooth, with good communication & the experience made me at ease to continue purchasing online from other individuals..

@recon is also a great person to deal with. His packages are wrapped with such care that I somehow felt bad to tear them open and ruin the care that went into it. :p

@Andrew is great guy to deal with, communication was great & straightforward.

@spanner is a person I bought from several times, and each time it was a breeze to strike up a deal. A big thumbs up!

@ChristopherB comes across as a very passionate collector, and communicates well to put person at other end very much at ease. Great guy!

@Saviant communicates fast, wraps package very securely, and overall smooth transaction!


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1 hour ago, Alphahorizon said:

WHOA WHOA WHOA...Seems like it's time to add another stellar Macross Worlder to the list or just give them another shout of thanks. @Ridden001, Thank you for the smooth purchase of the YF-19. Great Display piece!

Thanks man.  I have more items up on the thread and will be adding more as I go through storage.  

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