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Mw Straight Shooters List

Dangard Ace

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A big thank you to Benson13 for helping me out of a jam with a forgotten preorder from Play-Asia. Great communication throughout! Aloha and enjoy your new VF-25S Ozma Renewal!

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Excellent transaction with Kanedas Bike! Valks were very well-packed and in pristine condition!

I also want to mention all the other awesome sellers whom I have had the pleasure of dealing with, in no particular order:






I raise a virtual frosted mug to you fine gentlemen! Kanpai!

Edited by McFly!!
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So...I had really good transactions with the following members that haven't already been mentioned (they all purchased items from my super-amazing-awesome-sales);

Las Vegas Dad (Bandai DX Chogokin VF-25A)

Chronocidal (Bandai DX Chogokin VF-25A Super Parts)

stram8777 (Bandai DX Chogokin YF-30)

ZDZIYO (Arcadia YF-19)

Thanks again folks - feel free to share your experience(s) as well. :D


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I'm sure it's been said plenty of times, but thanks to ChaoticYeti for being such a great person to do business with, very prompt, quick to fix issues and very professional and polite.

QFT! Would not hesitate to buy more stuff from him!

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