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Definitely getting this. I am always conflicted on were to pre-order. I have had good luck with getting CCS figures from USA gundamstore with pricing and shipping but I don't want to miss out on the limited edition. So I might have to bite the shipping cost and pre-order from HLJ.

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On 7/8/2024 at 4:19 PM, lechuck said:

King Exkizer promo vid. Has a very "toyetic" approach and feel about, can't say my expectations have been met.


I‘m disappointed that they didn’t keep the transformation of the Masterpiece version (and the animation) but I guess it helps with transformation and articulation.

They probably do Dragon Kaiser next right?

I wonder what the rights situation is with Brave and the designs. I always thought the character license belongs to Sunrise and this Bandai (similar to the GoBot/Machine Robo situation).

I can see were the toylike impression comes from. The sculpt is very simple. I think if they went a more stylized approach (like Metal Build) it would look a lot better and "cool".

For me the Masterpiece toy was the coolest thing since sliced bread for a long time.

I guess Takara is trying to position T-Spark as their equivalent to Tamashii Nations. I could see this first wave as an experiment to see what sticks with the collectors.

For me they all look to toy-ish to be really interested (all the screw holes in the back yuck) other than curiosity.

Takara never was able to really pull of a collector focused line that is really high end.

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