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I saw a programme the other day that featured Martin-Baker, the ejector seat company.

It featured an amazing aircraft fact that I'm going to set as a little challenge for the aviation-minded on this fourm...

...what aircraft do Martin-Baker, in the UK, use for low-level ejection seat testing?

MB are going to be working on the JSF programme, so must be something pretty advanced, right? ;)

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Knight26 and HelloHikaru share the honours - its a Gloster Meteor! :blink:

According to Martin-Baker, its the oldest operational jet fighter known to be in service, and in case you're wondering, its used for low-level ejection seat testing because it has two centifrugial compression jet engines that are highly resistant to bird strikes.

This is what we Brits do while waiting for Lockheed to put the JSF on a diet - whats been referred to as "Must Refurbish Canberras Again"... :p

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Great gugga-mugga! A 'Meat-Box'...I had heard that before I think. Sooo many planes, so many possibilities.

Boy, did I encounter something very humbling this week. Any of you in the Central CA area who are aviation enthusiastes(most MW'lders) may have seen the news report of 2 S'Hornets lost in a mid-air over China Lake region. 2 crewmen survived, one unfortunately didn't(thoughts of encouragement for his family & squadron).

This happened about Sat/Sun. Search crews took a day or so to rescue them and they were hospitalized for a couple days. At about noon in our clinic, one of them came walking in as part of health/recovery check-ups. This poor guy looked as if he had been used as a punching bag about the head & face for an hour by 80's era Mike Tyson!!! :blink::(

Both eyes/sockets were freezer-meat,purple bruises & bloodshot and head area soft tissue were swollen & yellow like Palpatine/Sidious transformation. Otherwise he was very composed & erect in stature.

I felt somewhat ashamed because I was in a hatchway(doorway) talking to a coworker and turned to listen for my desk phone ringing when my eyes directly met his face. Not expecting to see him in front of me, my shock at his appearance was fully visible to him; I'm sure he'd been getting it since returning, especially from us mere deck-bound mortals.

I've read about & heard "Wings! Ch." testimonials on ejection injuries, but seeing it

brought home understanding. All those jaunty action movies(Maverick in the water, Will Smith in ID4,BehindEnemyLns) don't come close to detailing the trauma!

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