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New Tokyo anime shopping guide available

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There is a new "dead tree" guide to Tokyo shopping available, the Anime & Electronics Shopping Guide to Tokyo. It is available from United Publications in the UK:


for ten pounds.

It is a print on demand book, which means it is kind of a permament "work in progress". I only got my copy this morning but I am impressed; as well as covering a lot of places in Tokyo it also offers tourist-guide style advice on transport, money, and accomodation. Very impressive for what is essentially a small press work, and I would suggest extremely useful for first-time anime shoppers to Tokyo.

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There is indeed such a thing!

Considering its "small press" origins, it is very comprehensive; I've been to quite a few of the places mentioned. Its much more of a shopping guide than the "Cruising the Anime City" book (which is more an overview of otaku culture; entertaining though); the first third of the book is dedicated to information like money exchanging, accomodation, transport and the like.

There are one or two places that aren't mentioned (such as Kiddyland in Harajuku); I suspect this is because it covers areas (like Akihabara) rather than specific shops outside of those areas. It is also currently more on the anime side than the electronics side of things, but I suspect I know, at least in passing, a few of the people likely to have been involved in putting together the book and expect that will change with later versions.

If you're a hard-core vintage gokin collector, you're probably going to need some additonal help, but if you're a first time anime visitor to Tokyo you need this book; even if you aren't, theres a lot of accumulated information here that will save lugging around thirty-odd pages of web-printed stuff held together by a tie-clip...!

And it has an index!

Oh, yes - its largely a British production. Who says nothing good is ever made in the UK anymore? :lol:

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