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How do I use an Online Agent to bid on Yahoo Japan

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I have used Rinkya.com before. Actually I won something on Yahoo Japan and the communication barrier was too great, so I signed up and asked if they could finish it up for me; and luckily enough they agreed. Their rates are a bit pricey. I think I ended up paying about $80 for a non-assembled 1/72 IMAI Regult battle pod, but it was still worth it. They also have deals some times that will take the shipping cost down. I have only had good experiences with them, so give them a try. Here is the link: http://www.rinkya.com/

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If you are serious about buying things from Japan and specifically YJP aka Yahoo Japan, unless you read Japanese text fluently and you have a physical address where you can register for a YJP account, it is a pain.

I am assuming you don't have the required information listed above at your disposal, as such you will need something known as a deputy service (DS). A DS charges a commission for their service based on the final price of the item/auction, a wire transfer fee, and additional fees that may include but are not limited to: shipping within JP to them, separate shipping from them in JP to the DS.

I recommend the following DS: Shopping Mall Japan


I've used them for many years since they were created by the owner Nick and they are quite good and their prices for their service is competitive. The only cheaper way is if you did it yourself and you lived in JP to receive the items. Most of us can't do this, so SMJ is the next best thing IMO.

You can register here:


Please mention in the REFERRAL section that user momo referred you. If you have any additional questions, feel free to pm. Thanks. :)


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