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hosting a Manga Night


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Hi everyone! Just letting you know that I'm holding a Manga Night (not necessarily only Manga, but all anime, the name has simply stuck with my friends.) on the 26th sept. Can you recommend two titles for me to show after i cook dinner? The ones below I've rejected for a number of reasons:

Macross DYRL: would be a bit hard to understand without backgroud knowledge of Macross TV Series.

Macross Plus: Same as above.

Macross II: Nah.

Macross Zero: would have been good actually, but only two out of 5 episodes?

Patlabor: great movie I'd say with one of the greatest plot of all time. Not enough fighting as much as i would have liked. Do you guys reckon that it would be too complicated to follow?

The Gigolo: ahem...90% of the guests that are coming are female. Otherwise....

Guyver Dark Hero: Uh uh.

Samurai Showdown: Nope.

Fatal Fury/Steet Fighter Alpha: No way.

Pokemon x : I'm 19 years old for Pete's sake. I don't need this.

Giant Robo: yeah right.

Akira: Seen it.

Ghost in the Shell: ? Half the people have seen it:

Wolves in Human Armour: Looks interesting. Would you recommend it?

Thanks MW's! :)

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Arcadia Of My Youth.

One of the greatest movies of all time.


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What!!! No Macross!!!!!!

Vampire Hunter D, Princess Mononoke, Wicked City, Blood, The Last Vampire, Final Fantasy, Battle Angel, Spirited Away, Alice In Wonderland and all the ones previously mentioned!! Personally, I think you can enjoy Macross Plus without knowing the background, but that's only my opinion. Actually, I think I might watch it right now!!!!!

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What!!! No Macross!!!!!!

Vampire Hunter D, Princess Mononoke, Wicked City, Blood, The Last Vampire, Final Fantasy, Battle Angel, Spirited Away, Alice In Wonderland and all the ones previously mentioned!! Personally, I think you can enjoy Macross Plus without knowing the background, but that's only my opinion. Actually, I think I might watch it right now!!!!!

Dude, believe me, it was the FIRST thing I wanted to show, but not everyone has ever heard of Macross down under. Otherwise, I would have hosted a Macross Night! :D

Oh, and about Wicked City, didn't I say that 90% of the guests that are coming are female? <_<

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Might consider Ninja Scroll and Perfect Blue, but does anyone know of any anime comedies as well? One action and one comedy would be great one night!

All my mates have already seen Monster's INC and Ice Age. Both great, but I won't show em.

Is Magic Earth Rayknights any good?

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dood, you're not gonna invite your fellow MW'ers?? free food and anime...sweet...


perfect blue is a good choice...

macross plus doesn't really have any tie ins with macross TV...it'd be good to show, especially the movie version.

escaflowne was pretty good...but could be confusing if you don't watch the series.

if there into the love/comedy kinda thing, love hinda x-mas or spring specials are pretty good, but they'd need to watch the series sorta to know what's going on.

patlabor 3 is pretty good...

metropolis looks freakin awesome but story is so so...

ah my goddess the movie...i think it was a movie...that was pretty good too.

blood was pretty kick ass, lots of action and it's mostly in english so you dont' have to read too many subs...

But I guess I'd show a movie that doesn't require background knowledge of the characters and something not too boring or confusing(to me Jin-roh was kinda slow, tried to watch it twice...both times I fell a sleep).

if you like gundam...char's counterattack is pretty decent...or stardust memories.

I'd have a few choices for my guests to choose from tho...not everybody likes the same thing but hopefully they can agree on at least a couple titles.

gotta edit in: Kenshin Trush and Betrayal...freakin awesome...I'd show that if not too many ppl have seen it.

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Patlabor is good, but P2 is even better! Try JIN-ROH for a gorgeous and sombre movie, while Blood the Last Vampire is great for pure action. I'm not familiar with anime comedies, but the few episodes I've seen of Crayon-shin Chan had me in stitches. The Azumanga Daioh series is also great, but 27 episodes is waaay too much to take in at one go. For Miyazaki films, don't forget Laputa Castle in the Sky - the new Disney edition is great, but the original soundtrack still beats out the dub and re-done musical score.

Bebop the movie... was nice, but did anyone else feel like they spent too much effort making the background and environment TOO earthlike? The title sequence might as well be filmed in modern day NYC.

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Here are some of my suggestions:

Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade

One of the best anime titles that I have ever watched outside Macross.

Read Or Die

Fun and refreshingly new. Very good pace and story, and an awesome soundtrack!


Absolute classic, plus artwork by Haruhiko Mikimoto. Awesome story, and cool Mecha Action.

NausicaƤ/Princess Mononoke

It's from hayao Miyazaki, need I say anything else?

Cowboy bebop: Knocking On Heaven's Door


Those are some of my suggestions.

Good luck on your party!

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lets seeeeeee......... I'd say the Kenshin prequel OVA, ya need no background on kenshin and it has nice action, nice sound, lovely animation, and a very serious and sad story

Either of the 2 patlabor movies. great animation and two of the best sci-fi plots ever

Metropolis is great visually, the story unless you have a good atention span is hard to follow, and requires people who enjoy interpretating lots of symbolic themes, so for the average person it goes out the door.

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust - Just a well rounded movie, Great animation, decent english dubbing (thats all that ya can get in the states) and a nice but simple story (simple but elegent). Probably the greatest vampire anime ever.

I really don't think you need much background to understand DYRL or Macross plus, So I say show these cause these are just great

Don't show Gundam Wing endless waltz, while the mecha action is awsome, that is one where you need to have seen the whole series. and those who have watched the whole series who are coming to your party will most likely have seen it.

Jinroh. Like the Kenshin OVA, a serious and somber story with great animation

TriGun!!!!! Come one ya love it ya know ya do ;) an episode or two is a must

There are lots of others but those are the ones that come to mind the most right now.

PS: HOW CAN YOU HAVE AN ANIME NIGHT WITHOUT AKIRA!!!!!!! IT IS A MUST!!!!!! Okay just kidding, great animation, incomprehensible plot unless you have read the whole comic.

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pretty wierd movie about humans trying to survive in the after amth of a terrible war but still pretty good 8.5/10

Castle in the sky-

About a girl who has this pendent that can lead you to the legendary island of laputa but others are trying to kidnap her for this reason. One of ghiblis best 9/10


Movie about these two girls running around being stupid then meeting a forest spirit and running aaround being stupid. Feel good movie of the year 8/10

Grave of the fireflies-

about two kids that lose both their parents in WW2 and have to live by themselves trying to survive. Very depressing but REALLY good 10/10


About a young witch trying to "find herself" in the world. Another feel good movie of the year but still fun to watch 9/10

pom poko-

Movei about Tanuki trying to stop man from destroying their land. has incredible funny parts and incredible sad parts 9/10

Porco rosso-

Movie about this WW1 airplane pilot who cursed humanity and became a mercenary pilot to defet air pirates. 9/10

Only yesterday-

Really deep movie about this office owrker who goes on vacation to discover her true self, but not everyones type of movie- 9/10

Whisper of the heart-

About this high school girl and her relationship with this guy- not that great 7/10

Princess mononoke-

Creepy movie about giant pigs and wolves and human eating onkey's who are pissed at the humans for destroying their land. But a young boy named Takahato who was cursed by a pig demon may solve their differences. One wierd movei not as good as every says it is but still excellent 9/10

My neighbours the yamada's-

Well not really a movie but more like 20 short stories about his family and their lives. true parody of human family 9/10

Spirited away-

Miyazaki stikes again with one wierd ass movei. About this girl who gets stucjk in a evil bath house and has to work their and save her parents from being eaten. Wierd but still good 9/10

The cat returns-

A spinoff of Whisper of the heart. About thhis girl who saves a cat from being run over so is sent to the world of cats and is forced to become the queen. Sorta kiddie but still fun to watch 9/10

lupin the III Castle of Cagliostro- Funny movei about lupin II and his attempt to save this girl from a forced marriage. Pretty fun to watch 9/10

There are still tons more i would recommend but im to lazy right now. :p

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i had a semi manga night of 2 films, DYRL didnt go down to well :( but i think thats cause i didnt realy explain it too well.

then Patlabor 1 went down really well,

so yeah i'd say

any patlabor

Princess monoeke *soz spelling

yeah any Gibli film really

FLCL if you can download it and get every1 to croud round ya computer hehe

oh yeah while on the subject on downloading how about a few of the Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex eps? if every have seen ghost in the shell n liked it i reckon they'd like the series


yeah every1 elses choices r kool too, try having a massive selection of films and say to ya guests a quick plot of each and let em decide i spose heh


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Anything by Ghibli - Kikis Delivery Service if your audience has a worthwhile attention span, Totoro or Porco Rosso if they haven't.

Project A-Ko if you think they enjoy some slapstick.

Cowboy bebop does not need much scene-setting.

Macross Plus movie.

Dragon Half for laughs.

If you think they have open enough minds, the Utena movie. Granted, the story will make very little sense to the unintiated, but as a as a visual spectacular, I don't think it can be beaten.

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choose yer poison...

[*] FLCL ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

[*] Golden Boy ^_^ ^_^

[*] Mahoromatic

[*] Samurai X Rorouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal OVAs

[*] Ranma 1/2 1st tv-season and Nihao My Concubine movie ^_^.

[*] Cowboy Bebop (Best Sessions and Movie)

[*] Chobits (in japanese-dub!)

[*] LA Blue Girl and LA Blue Girl Returns. ^_^

and the best recommendation is....

[*] AZUMANGA DAIOH !!!!!!!!!!!! :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:

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Don't be a chickenshit, show DYRL. You don't need precognative knowledge to see it, that's why it was made.

Escaflowne, same as DYRL

Galaxy Express 999: Simply awesome.

Giant Robo: Absolutely no way in hell you can miss.

Record of Lodoss War OVA: With the current LotR hubbub, it's easily accessable.

Castle in the Sky

Please Save My Earth

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Oh, and about Wicked City, didn't I say that 90% of the guests that are coming are female? <_<

Sorry, didn't see that!!!

:lol: It's all cool man! Just didn't want them to think that I was dropping hints! ;);)

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Here are the options, if I was showing a movie...

Battle Royal High School.

Arcadia Of My Youth.

Riding Bean.

Great fun ^_^


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DYRL? has too many plot holes in my opinion, it's a beautiful movie but I don't know if they can fully understand it without watching the series. Actually, me and the co-hosts have decided to show Mac+. Anime is excellent and when i think about it, the story isn't too focused on the events of the Macross univese per se, except for transforming fighters and the SDF-1 itself. Maybe a short explanation would suffice.

LA Blue Girl is that movie what I think it's about? <_< <_< <_< :lol:

Actually, the girls that I've invited love anime and love violence. Kinda kooky isn't it? I've seen the preview for Blood the last vampire, and some of the girls want to see what it's all about. They actually do like giant robots and anime J! These are some weird girls, but they are great company! They simply just love anime!

Akira is a great movie, don't get me wrong, but all of us have already seen it. We want to explore new horizons in the world of anime! :D

Dman there's a Patlabor III! I might chase that up all for my self. :)

Oh, and of course other MW's are invited. Just come into the Perth International Airport in Australia and I'll pick u up! ;):lol:

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Macross Plus: Movie Edition, would be perfect if they don't mind subtitles, otherwise, the OVA would be acceptable. Also, just because someone may not know the background such as SDF Macross or Macross: DYRL, doesn't mean that they will not enjoy Macross Plus. Macross Plus has been called the "Top Gun of Japanese anime" for a reason and it can definitely stand on it's own, storywise.

Evangelion: Death & Rebirth and the End of Evangelion would be decent entries as well, to give viewers an overall experience of the acclaimed series.

Blood: The Last Vampire, short and violent, but cool. Same goes for Spriggan, although it's just a 'lil bit longer.

Princess Mononoke is a good pick, too.

You can't go wrong with classics such as: Akira, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

Although Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorites, I don't suggest showing the Cowboy Bebop movie to viewers who aren't familiar with series because they will get lost and get bored very quickly...trust me, I know this from trying to show it to some of my friends and family.

Just my $0.02

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I'll add another vote for Miyazaki. It looks like you want something with action/fighting, so I'll particularly recommend (1) Castle of Cagliostro, (2) Laputa, and (3) Nausicaa. Kiki's Delivery Service and Totoro are also favorites of mine (actually, I like them better than Laputa and Nausicaa) but have, shall we say, "gentle" stories. (Though both have exciting flying sequences, especially Kiki.) I'm going to recommend against Mononoke and Spirited Away. Mononoke has too many half-baked ideas and while I like Spirited Away, it's very weird, disgusting at many points, and suffers from poor pacing and plot development.

I don't know if anyone's recommended Wings of Honneamise. One of my all-time favorites, it manages to tell a good story and it even manages to get away with a rather heavy-handed message.

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I actually got a recommendation of Ranma 1/2. Is it good? I saw a manga preview, it had like snippets of all Manga movies to date in a short video clip. There was a girl in a school uniform jumping from missile to missile in the air. Does this have anything to do with Ranma 1/2?

now i'm comtemplating whether I should show Megazone 23.

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Girl jumping from missile to missile in the air?

Probably Mahoromatic, a Gainax show.

I dont like it much. Oodles of Fan Service though.

Edit:: If you can find a Subtitled version of Megazone 23, definitely show it. Its a freaking awesome movie. One of the best. The music is atomically awesome.


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