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Wonderfest 2005 winter

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And sorry to say at this point I ran out of space in my memory card :( Tons more cool stuff. Noel mentioned he had like 200 pics so there is still some hope. I will try to get a better camera by next WF

NOOOOOOOOooo, ran out of space!!! It's what I feared! Oh well. Thanks BF!

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Those Yamato BGC figures look awesome, glad to see they also had a BU33C Boomer and a Priss figure, hopefully that's a sign we'll get some figures besides just the Hardsuits, which is what I was expecting. How much are they going for? I couldnt read the sign in the picture?


wait, so it's 609 yen? So that means it'll be around 6 bucks? So these are toys or models kits? and how big are they? :huh:

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