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Medicom/Hot Toys and all 1/6 scale figures


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Unexpected announcement from Hot Toys.

"What if: Infinity Ultron" 1/6 figure. Up for pre-orders on Toys Wonderland $434 USD First Batch, $498 Second Batch and it's Die Cast Armor. 

Edit: Waiting for Cobb Vanth/Fennic Shand for the upcoming Book of Fett as they have been teased  


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I’m getting rescue for free basically from points from Sideshow as soon as they get it in. Waiting for it to ship.

I had to return my professor hulk for a replacement due to some white spots on his chest. Got the replacement last Thursday and to my dismay they sent me a used or opened one. This wasn’t the first time, they did it with the Midas. I knew it was used because upon opening the brown shipper the tape covering the art box was sealed with a wider tape instead of a single small clear tape. 2nd the seal was already broken so it had already been opened. Plus there’s a dent on his chest, not noticeable but as anal as I am about things I can see it right away. So I requested for an exchange. 




Honestly I’m about to cancel the remaining three I’m waiting for and eat the non refundable deposit, but we shall see. 

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Oops.. Gave the wrong price. Even more not to get it for some people as the face looks like Paltrow/Danes. 

There’s a glut of Midas 21 on Toy Wonderland and it’s the same mark on all the copies that up for grabs at second hand. 

Had no issues with Emily Swallow as I got it from TW, as the Wookie Fur Pelt is shedding (just opened the box and examined it when I got it).

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On 10/18/2021 at 2:18 PM, borgified said:

I doubt that all that will get delivered to your place before Black Friday on-line sales starts to roll around @Kicker773

It might just happen, got notification Rescue and Iron Patriot charging on Wed. So that just leaves Capt Marvel which final payment was moved to 12/20 then maybe there still hope with Weathered 85. Not really expecting much with the weathered 85 and their debacle but we shall see. Gonna be able to display them all together. 


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