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Medicom/Hot Toys and all 1/6 scale figures


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That Cloud looks really good. I want to see the full team though. I'm not crazy about the Play Arts Kai figures. I thought Prime 1 Studio was making statues but that doesn't seem to be happening. Although there is still time since the Remake isn't complete yet.

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I was hoping for a realistic head sculpt of Captain Carter as well.

On 9/13/2021 at 7:42 PM, Kicker773 said:

I had the complete line up of the play arts halo and FF then their freaking joints disintegrated. So I sold them all and vowed never to buy another play arts figure again. 

I didn't know about the joints. I held off on the Cloud & Fenrir pack. I didn't like the joints. But kept putting it off. Now I was thinking get the re-release in a few months. I really just want a statue of Cloud, Tifa, and the Fenrir from Advent Children. It would be expensive though. Or good figures. I still have the small figures from the original game.

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$485 USD  for the Stomper and I think the pre-orders are up.

Edit: Combo pack is $625 USD with Steve Rogers



Duh... Forgot to post this also.




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3 minutes ago, borgified said:

Already out, unboxed by Joseph Lee on Collector's Freak. Last pic is the Harley SS noggin. 





Last pic is nice. :good: 

I don't know if this is just me, but my impression on the Arkham Knight Harley is that it looks kind of like a real person we see on media platforms that's cosplaying Harley. :rolleyes:


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