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Medicom/Hot Toys and all 1/6 scale figures


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On 3/6/2021 at 11:57 PM, Lolicon said:

Thanks! :D Ah, the Mark 6 is one that I regret missing out on. They're reissuing the Mark 5, so I'm hoping Mark 6 gets a reissue too! Mark 7 is one of the best suits too.

They still haven't put up the pre-order for the quarter scale Mark 2.

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Go figure!! 

https://news.toyark.com/2021/03/29/batman-begins-1-6-scale-batman-and-batmobile-by-hot-toys-421956 *

* Re-issue to be honest

Nothing yet for pricing and pre-orders, to be out Q3/Q4 of 2022

I think @Kicker773 is good for now, unless he's still missing a few more stuff in his DCU collection. 





Edit: Pre-orders are up on Sideshow.

Bats: $234 USD/$331 CDN

Tumbler: $645.10 USD/$812.13 USD

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Wow! I found out about this 2 figures just today. And the set that comes with Hardy Daytona was already preorder sold out. :blink:



Not familiar with Game Toys, but these photos of their Cloud and Sephiroth looks awesome.






cloud-strife_06_1024x1024 .jpg










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Posted on Hot toys Collector's Facebook page.







Edit: I think the clear parts just kills the overlook based on what I've been reading on Collector's Freak as you might need a bloody 10 mins or more just to remove the clear parts off. <_<

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Clear Armour Parts to be honest @FattyMoBookyButt like in the early comics.


$375 USD and $404 USD for the Deluxe to be released Q3/Q4 of 2022. Pre-orders are open at Sideshow.

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"Riddle me this, Riddle me that. Who's afraid of the Big Black Bat (Samuari v2)?" :shok:

Two separate items here, link as follows.







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From Hot Toys Collector's Facebook page.

Note: Lamp Light is an added effect (not present on the real thing), complaints about the face is not Rosario's (according to various "Karens" that are expressing their dislikes) and the secondary stand is not present in the deluxe set.

Details will be further posted when revealed later this morning.   



173945100_10157957682172344_4638165124410288159_n (1).jpg

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Priced at $315 USD for the DLX  on Sideshow, to be released in July-September of 2022.

Updated edit with pricing on the regular version: $285 USD 

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Prices as of Sideshow listings.

Echo: $285 USD, release date April - June 2022
Stormie Commander: $220 USD, release date October 2021 - December 2022 (Sideshow Exclusive)*
Grogu: $145 USD, release date January - March 2022
Blurrg: $315 USD, release date April - June 2022
Blurrg and Din Set: $555 USD, release date April - June 2022

* This was not in the original list  -  Stormie Commander looks like a Sandtrooper with a different gun,*







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Ok, thanks @borgified.  I'll hold off for the TV lineup if they ever do it. I've convinced my wife to watch TNG with me, and were up to Season 5.  She falls asleep about 1/2 the time, but she's getting into it more than I thought she would!  I think I could talk her into the main characters at the EXO-6 price point. :D

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There's boat load of info in regards to EXO-6 Star Trek stuff on Collectors Freak Forums @derex3592

Go to General Collection subheading and then scroll down to Star Trek EXO-6 figures (or to something to that degree). 

I go on there on and off and also another 3rd party 1/6th site that caters to TBLeague, Ace Toys and other 3rd party offerings. 

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I really like that cloud and Daytona figs, but I  have to hold on. Batmobile and Samurai X Fig has been occupying my mind. 

I did cave in on the Midas. Let’s hope it is scuff/scratch free. 

End Game cap suppose to ship next month, supposedly. Also Damaged Thanos suppose to be released in June but my guess is it will be pushed back again the same as End Game Captain Marvel. No news on End game hulk or Thor. 

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So I found more info on Collector's Freak. The regular version is also up.

Price for the DLX is $405 USD and the regular is $350 USD. 



Edit: Pre-orders are up at the 1/6th suppliers of your choice. 

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