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Medicom/Hot Toys and all 1/6 scale figures


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Up on Toyark


Price and pre-orders not up yet, to be released between Q1/Q2 of 2021.

Edit: See pic above for Thor, last pic is the complete team.








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After reading about this on Toyark, this has been listed however it's Toys Era Joker (Comedian) played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Details here: https://www.toyorigin.com/2019/10/07/toys-era-gives-you-something-to-laugh-about-with-1-6-scale-the-comedian-figure/

To be released Q4 of this year for $200 USD. I think that you can also pre-order on other sites too besides Toy Origin.







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4 hours ago, borgified said:

From another 1/6th thread.

A quick video on the Die Cast IM Mk.7 (I think the head is purposely left out on the latter part of the vid?). 

Note: Does anyone use gloves (nitrile or cloth) to fiddle around with the figure or sans gloves?


I always use gloves handling my toys. Only bc I don't want to clean off the prints. Can be annoying on Iron man figures in an all glass display. 


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Up on Toyark.

Neon Orange WM (Just like IM in both blue and yellow). To be released Q2/Q3 of 2020, Pricing and pre-orders are not up yet. I believe that the blue version will be done soon. Edit: I must be rushing the on the colours too quick..


* Note: I'm actually waiting for Scarlet Witch in Endgame livery to be done, missed out on the Civil War version.




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It’s on preorder. Looks like maybe in 30 days to be released. Down to one payment left on sideshow .

I had the original one non die cast but sold it with the rest of the Avenger one group. The only fig I didn’t regret selling now that the die cast is being released. 


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I believe that some of us predicted a re-colour and re-release (as like @no3Ljm said that HT likes to milk the mold )??

From Toyark.


Pricing and pre-orders are not determined yet, to be release in Q1/Q2 of 2020




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Should have seen this if I didn't chase down a hard to acquire 1:12 figure. <_<

From Toyark


$150 USD and to be shipped in January 2020 (and it won't break the wallet this time)

Why not have it with the upcoming UCS Batmobile in display as well (totally different thinking I know)? ^_^

Edit: Pre-orders are up on Mondo's Website.




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For Conan fans (as per Toyark):


$250 USD. If you pre-order with Chronical, they will include the broken Sword of Conan's father.


* Some are complaining that it should be $100 USD cheaper since its equal to Hot Toys in pricing *






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From Toyark (this is not the Diana I know from the DCU).


$245 USD for the regular and $255 USD for the Deluxe. Pre-orders are up on Sideshow with the body is by TBLeague. To be out between August and October 2020.






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For those gamers and like Half Life, up on Toyark.


Pre-orders starts tomorrow on Mondo's website for $200 USD, A DLX version is also for grabs with the Headcrab figure. To be shipping during the month of February 2020.



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Just a question before my next pre-order post: Who has pre-ordered IG-11? We all now that the Mandalore will have armour upgrades during the series run, however is worth getting the first version of him or not? :unknw:

New post from Toyark.

From Big Chief Studios: 1/6th scaled Flash Gordon


Limited Edition $219 USD (170 British Pounds) at 400 pcs while Signature Edition for $258 USD (200 British Pounds) at 100 pcs and signed by actor, to be out October 2020.




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For those that want the HT Heavy Infantry Mandalore, details will be posted up tommorrow. 

Edit: I might be able to post updates. If I don't post for quite sometime, anyone else can do it then. ;)

For now, I will leave you with this pic via Hot Toys' Facebook page.


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2 hours ago, Podtastic said:

Just when I thought my wallet could rest.

That never happens. Just yesterday I stated to someone that I'm slowing down. Then a couple hours later a great deal came up on a grail piece for ALL THE MONEY. So I pulled the trigger. I'm a child.....and the universe won't stop tempting me!:rofl:

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