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Will DYRL movie do better if shown in the States


will DYRL do better than Gits2 or Appleseed?  

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  1. 1. will DYRL do better than Gits2 or Appleseed?

    • yes.
    • no.
    • undecided.

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I voted NO but maybe if they made a whole new movie, like a DYRL 2 and included some preface and updated visuals it could do pretty well. It could cover your standard anime needs pretty easily (ie. hot chicks, big robots, blood, a bit of drug/alcohol abuse, a mysterious enemy that gets hacked down at the hands of the underdog, and maybe a tentacle or two). They could even call it The Sentinels :o !

<laughing while running for cover>

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oh valk1j, I didn't even know what DDD was until I looked it up....r u the expert?? ;);)

Never seen it, but have heard many references to it. :D

On topic, I voted yes, if marketed right, and with some new animation to fill in some of the story gaps. I think a release of Macross Plus the movie first would help. Then I think people would go and see DYRL. Kind of like the original Star Wars trilogy. Then market DYRL as a prequel of sorts.

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If you would like, next time I'll do it in rhyming iambic pentameter and break it into stanzas.

I DARE you to do it! :p :P :p :P :p

Oh, and Valk1j: No, it doesn't sound right. But I'm sure it'd be a lot of fun... :)

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If there is going to be a Macross movie released in mainstream theaters .There must first be a new Macross TV series released in the US television networks like Cartoon Networks' Toonami block e.g.(Gundam Seed, and Gundam Wing) or Fox, and the Kid's WB that is new and updated to fit todays audiences who too young or weren't born yet to remember the old Macross came to us under the name of Robotech (ducks quickly)

Thus this new Macross Series is most definetly oing to have new characters new mechs e.g. new destroids that take a more active role in battle than being a support mechfor Valk teams in a series. new plot that begins with the start of Space War 2, new ships, especially a new macross battleship, and new songs, and enemies that are resistant to song and culture shock warfare. If the serise is successful on TV then it most likely become popular in the theaters for it's first theatrical release in the US

:D Or vice versa a new Macross movie that starts with the begining of Space War 2 and then follows up where the movie left off with 50 episodes where SW2 ends :D

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As much as we love it, DYRL would not perform at the box office in the least. It's a 20 year old movie based on the non-Robotech version of an anime that has little exposure in North America. If movies like Appleseed and Innocence are only getting released in 40-odd theaters,

They would problay need bigwig studios like 20 Century Fox, Warner Bros., Tri Star, Columbia, Touchstone, Buena Vista, or indenpendant studios' to assist. Cowboy Bebop as you now was released by Columbia/Tristar in the US Though I wasn't aware it appeared in US Theaters dispite it's popularity among US anime fans it later was released on DVD. I got my copy early last year and it was good. :lol:

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Yeah, but so was Spirited Away. In fact I'm doing research on the ever-widening gap between the mainstream and subculture.

In its intial release, yes, Spirited Away did show in a limited number of theaters. However, once it was nominated for the Academy award, Spirited Away showed up in regular movie theaters. Unlike Appleseed, GiTS and GiTS 2, I didn't have to drive an hour to go to NYC to see it.

Spirited Away won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2003, the first Anime film to do so.

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