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YF-19FP SACRIFICE. What could you do without?

Shin Densetsu Kai 7.0

Of the following what would you want yamato to do? OR what sacrifice are you okay with  

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  1. 1. Of the following what would you want yamato to do? OR what sacrifice are you okay with

    • 1-DETACHABLE LANDING gear/doors.
    • 2-BIG swappable parts (torso section, lower legs, legs in general, etc.)
    • 3-SMALL swappable parts (nose for battroid AND head fueselage piece, etc)
    • 4-NONE!! I want mine perfect variable with NO removal needed at all!

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I'm with increasing the scale. . .

If a modeler can do it with a garage kit, so can a toy company. . .

Sure there maybe extra cost but it will be worth it in the end. . . ;)

Think about it a valk that gets the nod from all sides. . .

I hope Yamato thinks that way, and I'm with Max, a 1/48 YF-19 WOULD BE HUGE!!!

It would be huge but nice. Very nice. And maybe it could be released in America and everywhere else without too much problems with Harmony Gold. But that's a different story. I reckon, Yamato would be surprised at the response they would get if they sold 1/60 or 1/48 or whatever size that's bigger than the current 1/72s. Very pleasantly surprised. fans who saw Macross when they were a lot younger are also a lot older now, and able to afford that little bit extra for a quality toy. I want something that will last on my shelf till I require a walking frame to get around.

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I would love to see any incarnation of a YF/VF-19. If they decide to do a 1/48 scale that would be great, I would save up the $200 or so that they would charge and happily spend it.

Just my 2 cents


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My opinion

I wouldn't like a vf-19 in 1/48 cause is too much big for a toy I think this scale just increase the weight and isn't pratical for transformation and posability, don't talk about the price and shipment rate :(

If is a problem make a vf-19 looks nice in all modes with perfect transformation lets make it with swappable parts, perfect transformation is just a cool feature IMO if it must create problem i prefer swappable parts.

A monster is suupposed to be HUGE so an huge monster toy is kinda cool, it is not suppose to transform so its less complicate then a valkyrie, it don't have problem of stability in all modes and I think the price will be not so high as a transformable toy too.

I want a nice not too big vf-19 toy not a huge statue of a vf-19.

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Solution to the size discussion:

Make a cheap little 1/100 scale YF-19. Have fun taking it apart and putting it back together to transform it like the VF-0. It'll smell bad at first, but so did the Miria pvc figures (mine are still airing out). If the line sells well, they'll probably release a 1/100 scale dinky VF-1 that would be very much like a banpresto. They might even release other valkyries like the VF-17 and the VF-4, and other VFX related valkyries. Then you could buy cheap little valkyries and not have to worry as much about the high cost of toys and where to put them...

Re-release the 1/72 YF-19 (no re-sculpt) and toss on some fast packs so it doesn't outshine the existing YF-21FP and VF-11BFP.

Then three months later, release as a surprise a re-sculpted YF-19FP, just to piss off everyone who bought the re-release with fast packs. And to make money. (Oh we'd love Yamato for that wouldn't we! ;) )

Make a 1/60 scale with fast packs. The Yamato staff fights it out about deciding whether it be perfect transformation, have removable parts, and whether to make the landing gear internal or plug in. It's bigger, but not TOO big and will be in scale with the existing VF-1 valkyries, and with the upcoming MONSTER (yay! :D ).

Then make a 1/48 scale YF-19 for those of us who want it and are willing to pay for it, have room for it, and will keep it as our prrrrrrrecious~ :D

This way would hurt collectors' wallets, but at least you can choose between what you want... 1/48 is a nice size. ;):D

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hell gimme 1/60 just m,ake it big and if not PT then at least just MINIMAL part swapping. I could care less for landing gear anyhow and had lretracting landing gear not bveen implemented on the first YF19 toys in the first place then it wouldnt have looked as bad and we wouldnt NEED a new FP version to begin with. tsk tsk billy wong <_<

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Give it up guys, it's never coming :(

Morning coffee hasn't kicked in yet, so feeling quite pessimistic. :p


Silence Naysayer, and go drink your coffee!

Seriously, I'm going to wait until the end of time to get my YF-19. I've waited this long, what's another year or two?

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Give it up guys, it's never coming :(

Morning coffee hasn't kicked in yet, so feeling quite pessimistic.  :p


LOL!!! I am sure people felt the same for the 1.60 monster but apparently from what noel said it's coming next year.

as it stands I bet we will see a perfect variable VF-0 before we see a YUF19FP

at least we saw a proto fro the 1/60 monster... YF-19? ...nada!

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LOL patience guys. The fandom wants this thing a lot more than they want the monster and yet the monster is coming out. I got no doubt in my mind they will put this thing outr. And if it takes this long to make it, so be it. If they up the scale, I would GLADLY pay more (150$+) for it.

*note to yamato. BIGGER=MORE ROOM to work with=LESS headaches for YOU!*

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  • 10 months later...
And if it takes this long to make it, so be it.

Almost there. (the one year anniversary of the thread)

Can't wait to see it! I've been patient. jk

I just thought it would be fun to bump this thread once every year to remind them we are still waiting..


good idea. perhaps we can stamp out enough demand to reach yamato...

it's just, if they dont know by now that there's interest in the yf-19 FP they'll never know. :rolleyes:

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I have the fold booster coming out next month it looks sweet it'll fit on the yamato yf 19 of vf 19a you choice. I'll post some tight pics soon as soon as I get the clear parts in for the fold booster. i know its no fast pack but its a fold booster

from Rich

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whats this voting crap for what I should have to sacrifice??!?!?!?!?

All I want is the 19a I already have with fastpacks. Doesn't seem that hard to do as they did it with the 11b [which needed hip improvements as well]. Heck... I'd be happy enough if I could get another 19a without f/p at retail :blink:

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I voted for no removable parts because I believe that no part on any yammie should not be removed, with the exception of the armor. :)

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