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Found 2 results

  1. It doesn't appear I'm on the SS list, however I have bought a few things here. I bought stuff from Eugimon and Tundra9, so perhaps they'll vouch for me. I've lurked and I rarely ever post. Paypal and add 4% or send as a gift to avoid the fee. Shipping is extra and we'll have to figure that out as we go. I do welcome pickups if you are located near South Eastern Michigan. Updated! I'm going to wait about a week before I start moving stuff to ebay. I'm up for entertaining offers. Evangelion Unit 01 RAH - $700 It was displayed in my detolf. Magic the Gathering: Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition - unopened. I haven't even broken the tape on the outer box. $750 - On Hold Tarmogoyf Ultimate Topper, and the apology letter $130 - On Hold Both the Mythic Edition and the Tarmo for $850 - On Hold Transformers Masterpiece, opened and displayed: Japanese MP-05 Megatron $70 - The feet look okay, but there is a broken tab. TRU Rodimus Prime, complete, with box. Transformed to become the car part of the trailer for the Japanese version. $75 Japanese MP-09 Rodimus Prime, complete with box. Never transformed. $200 Figma: Saitama - One Punch Man, mint in unopened box - $75 Elsa - Frozen, mint in unopened box - $140 Levi from Attack on Titan, mint in unopened box - $50 Tekkaman Evil - Displayed, complete and returned to box - $30 There is a paint chip on one of his paldrons. Guyver 1 - Displayed, complete and returned to box - $100 Guyver 2 - Displayed, complete and returned to box - $50 Toynami Voltron 25th anniversary sets, I have two. I did find a few paint chips on the chrome legs on both sets. With box - $75 Without box - $50 D-arts Rockman / Megaman X line: Zero v2 - Never opened or displayed - $75 Transformers Generations, all MISB: Cybertronian Optimus Prime - $40 Cybertronian Megatron - $40 Dirge - $30 Thrust - $30 Thunderwing - $15 Kup - $20 Red Alert - $15 Warpath - $30 Blurr - $30 Skullgrin - $20 Wheeljack - $30 Darkmount - $30 Scourge - $20 Drift - $40
  2. Greetings All - Figured it'd be best to create one thread as I go through and sell items from collection. Feel free to drop by often as this thread may be updated randomly with Bandai Renewals, Yamato Valkyries, Transformer Masterpiece and any other items that need new homes! Condition of items will be noted along with prices and shipping information. Payment via PayPal ONLY. I accept payment via Gift with no Fee, otherwise 4% should be added to the selling price. Shipping will be made after payment clears PayPal (or within 3 days) - I will ship to the following only ; Shipping within the CONUS is included in listed prices, Hawaii or Alaska please add $ 15 Shipping to either Canada or Australia + actual shipping price via United States Postal Service International Priority Mail Unfortunately I tend not ship elsewhere based on my own past experience selling and trading on the Forum. 02/09/15 - as of 02/25/15 all three still available for sale Bandai Renewal VF-25A (MISB) : $ 155 shipped in CONUS Bandai Renewal VF-27 (the newer version that comes with Fast Packs) (MISB) : $ 175 shipped in CONUS Bandai YF-30 (MISB) $ 225 shipped in CONUS PICS of VF-25A, 27 and YF-30; *OR TAKE ALL THREE FOR $525 SHIPPED IN THE CONUS* ALL SOLD!!!!! Also, no dibs unless we've conducted business on the forums before, with preference going to those members with more than 5 posts although money talks and first paid gets the item. Thanks for looking and be sure to look out as items are added! -b. *edit for previously Sold Items* Bandai DX Chogokin VF-25A Bandai DX Chogokin VF-25A Super Parts Bandai DX Chogokin YF-30 Bandai DX Chogokin YF-29 30th Anniversary Arcadia Roy VF-1S Arcadia Hikaru VF-1S Arcadia YF-19 (Never transformed/Displayed) *edit for Updates* New items added!!!!
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