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Found 3 results

  1. found a new Possible way of making the Quite Exhaust part some { not on the web } told me sometime back about his sanding table it has a Down ward draft box . I just happen to be look in wood working on AMAZON.COM ,lol, and also found Portable Version so I went looking in Bing / image's,, & found lot of the missing part's I was looking for.. tell what do you think,. spray booth? how I make this cheaper & Better needed something I know would work & then deseeded to make my own about a year back after another friend blew me off & he told all I need was the money & found out the cost., all ways look at what's out on market & how easy would it be to make & Repair is BEING the big thing & replacing the COST of the part's. it just one of the thing you will face in the future. that's the Baggiest thing I looked at from the Start, because of all the hobby's I work with. all I ask is every one looks at the fact's before shopping & yes you'll have to make it portable , , if you don't own your Home. me I was luck to find a old medium Projection screen TV , at first I was not going to get it till I saw it had Roller's on the underside. that how 1/2 the cost went down faster then taking a solid wood desk & converting that to a spray booth. so If I do move, all I have to do is roll it out on to the truck. I hope every one dose think before they act. when it comes to Spray booth's in their Hobby's the big thing is I can spray any thing in it & wont have to worry about any mess's wherever I work with thing's these are the type of thing's I was thinking of before I found the Medium size Projection TV, now I can incorporate them in the Spray Booth. for Maximum Effect & I can spray any thing I want so I don't have to go outside to do thing's with 70% chance of things getting on my fresh paint job. and if I need to make repair's or Replace thing it will be cheep & faster to do it . like a fast portable work shop. Tell me what you think .
  2. At long last...I finally bought a proper spray booth! Just happened to see it being brought in at my local hobby store. While looks like a Tamiya Spray Work booth, it's not. It's a no-name model (there's logo with the name My Hobby on it, but the company doesn't seem to exist), but the specs are pretty decent. It can suck in 3 cubic meters of air per minute, which is at least 3 times that of what my current makeshift fan can do. The question is, will it be strong enough for me to use spray cans, enamels and lacquer paints indoors? Here are the specs: Fan Power: 20 Watts Voltage: 110 Volts Air Flow: 50 LFM Absorption Capacity: 3 cubic meters per minute Thanks in advance for any advice! BTW, many of the sites selling this and other brands of spray booth keep saying these are "not intended for use with flammable or explosive materials." Thing is, alcohol and solvent based paints are always flammable, whether it's acrylic (except for the specially-formulated water-based ones), enamel or lacquer. In any case, since the fan is actually located to the side and out of the way of airflow, shouldn't that make it safe against flammable paints? Is that just some legal gibberish that I don't have ot worry about?
  3. How do I make this Cheaper them Micro mart ,they want $ 424.00 OR $ 499.00 for the Spay booth I like to have. I got an OLD Projection TV... & Gutted out, I saved the large Len's for my Solar Cooker's & gave the parabolic Glass to a friend for his solar cooker. the only thing was put in the trash was the little BOOB Tube's inside . I going to do LED light Strip's maybe 3 of them in the last Photo. IN 1 week ill have most of the money for this Project, yes IM planning on 2 fan' DUCK's to suck out fume's from TOP & Bottom of the Booth. am looking for any tips ,, Photo's or vid's to help me? 48 inch's W -X- 57 inch's in side of the BIGGG BOX 19 inch's all-around.In Side. Bottom where the Speaker were all Empty.
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