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Found 4 results

  1. Bought both of these from an anime store in Michigan back in 2007. After holding on to these for 12 years, I've decided to sell off these two old 2001 plastic 1/65 scaled Bandai Valkyries - the VF-17S Stealth Valkyrie and the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie from Macross 7: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192904824615 & https://www.ebay.com/itm/192904822438 Both toys are in good condition, and have both their gun pods and instructions. Only the boxes are old and torn. I was wondering if anyone out there wants to take these two off my hands? =/
  2. Unfortunately my latest move and a new job that means travelling, I have neither the time or the space for my Model Collection. A number of pieces have already been damaged, not the Macros so far luckily. But to preserve the rest I need to down size, so Robotech is on the list apart from a couple of favoured kits to be done in my retirement. Yes those are 2 not 1 Revel Robotech Factories and the following are IMAI Macross 2 x Destroid Spartan's 1/72 1 x Regult Missile Carrier 1/100 1 x Destroid Tomahawk Iron Type 1/100 The reason these are not in the sales section, I have no up to date pricing on the Factories. So if anyone could give me some rough pricing that would be welcome.
  3. MechTech's BIG Sale! Good day everyone! In time for the Holidays (great gift ideas), I'm cleaning out the collectables and of course models that are no longer in my scale. I'm giving YOU my MW brothers, first shot and better prices for some items before these go on sale at E-Bay. in one week (around 11 Nov). I will not post these on Ebay until the new year when I have time. To help YOU out: - Prefered payment is through PayPal. - Please PM me with any questions, concerns and of course, sale inquiries. - Prefered shipping is USPS Priority Mail with tracking number - shipments $50 or more will be insured. - Please allow me 2-3 days to mail packages due to my job hours - but I will be as quick as I can being a hobbyist myself! - If you would like to bundle items together, please PM me and I MAY consider your deal - most prices are already LOW! - ALL ITEMS have been kept in plastic containers, in a climate controlled, non smoking household, never displayed and kept out of sunlight! TOY SALE DESCRIPTION SCALE PRICE - Banpresto Alteisen, (1/200-1/144 Scale?) $20.00 Back up for sale - Mospeada Legios, 1/48, $99.00 - Mospeada TREAD, 1/48 $85.00 - NOTE: Missing one hip cannon (originally purchased that way) - KATO Container Truck 1/160 $5.00 - Originally purchased as 1/200 scenery/accessory 1/144 COLLECTABLES These were originally purchased as Macross diorama and Daeadalus build accessories DESCRIPTION SCALE PRICE - Dragon Can Do A-10 1/144 $12.00 - Dragon Can Do F-15E 1/144 $12.00 - Dragon Can Do F-16C 1/144 $12.00 - Dragon Can Do M1A2 Set 1/144 $12.00 - Dragon Can Do M1A1HA Set 1/144 $12.00 1/200 COLLECTABLES These were originally purchased as Macross diorama and Daeadalus build accessories - The fighters are HIGHLY detailed and most have weapons loads DESCRIPTION SCALE PRICE - Hogan M Series F-16B/D IAF 1/200 $20.00 - Hogan M Series FA-18E Maces 1/200 $20.00 - Hogan M Series FA-18F Jolly Rogers 1/200 $20.00 - Hogan M Series Sukhoi Su-27B PLAAF1/200 $20.00 - Hogan M Series F-16B/D Thunderbirds1/200 $20.00 - Gulliver F-2 3SQ JASDF 1/200 $20.00 - Gulliver F-14 VF-154 Black Aces 1/200 $20.00 - Gulliver F-15 58FS Eglin Gorillas 1/200 $20.00 - Gulliver F-1 6SQ JASDF 50th Special 1/200 $20.00 - Gulliver F-15 & T-4 304th SQ JASDF 1/200 $20.00 - Transavia 737-800 Plastic 1/200 $ 5.00 - MP SR-71 Blackbird "Black Cat" 1/200 $10.00 - MP B-29 "Enola Gay" 1/200 $12.00 - Sky Marks KC-10 McGuire Livery 1/200 $25.00 - Herpa Mig-21 Lancer Option Canopy 1/200 $25.00 - Herpa F-104 JASDF Option Canopy 1/200 $25.00 - Herpa F-16C Aviano Option Canopy 1/200 $25.00 - Herpa F-16D Block 60 UAE OptCanopy 1/200 $25.00 - WAC F-4EJ 302nd SQ 1/200 $20.00 - Wings of War F-3 Martlet (UK) 1/200 $10.00 - Wings of War F-4F Wildcat Galer 1/200 $10.00 - Wings of War F-4F Wildcat MC Worhter1/200 $10.00 - Wings of War Spitfire Mk II 1/200 $10.00 - Wings of War A6M2 Reisen Sindo 1/200 $10.00 - Wings of War BF-109 E-4 Galland 1/200 $10.00 - New Ray B-2 (unboxed) retracting gear 1/200 $ 5.00 MODEL KITS CONTINUED NEXT PAGE...
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