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Found 6 results

  1. So we have an aircraft thread, a weapons thread, so why not one based on the missing link of the combined arms? I had intended to do this for a while after I got into that little argument about the markings Arnold's tank on another thread, but I got really motivated after visiting the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury Connecticut and snapping some pictures while I was on vacation this week. The Museum is fairly small in size(It ain't Bovington, but it is in driving distance for me), but its yard has a nice collection of tanks and armored fighting vehicles including some very rare specimens like a functional Jackson Tank Destroyer, M2 Half Track, several Patton line variants, russian BMP, M551Sheridan, Goliath tank mine, and a prototype of the MBT-70 that's undergoing restoration after being used as a target by the U.S. Army. They also have this thing... The guide lists it as Test Recon Vehicle. No model number or anything. The only other information they had was that its turret was not the original one mated to it and that it itself was the prototype for the M2 Bradley. I know we got some other service men on here so hopefully you can help me shed some light on this as I've never seen anything like it. Anyways I'm heading up to a transportation museum in Wolfboro NH tomorrow who also has a nice collection of armored fighting vehicles including several Sherman variants. I'll make sure to add more pics from there and my Danbury trip later. Feel free to contribute too! EDIT: Here's another image from the recon vehicles side I can't make out much, but I think it says something about an XM864-T.
  2. Hello all, I am looking for some 1/48 GBP armor any color. So if you have an set that you're looking to offload, please send me an IM. Thank you. Raya
  3. MW - please delete topic
  4. Hello Macross World, I need you help once again. I am looking for "Super and/or Strike" Armor for my VF-1s. Does anyone have an extra set they are looking to get sell? I'm not picky on the color or if there's some discolaration or maybe even a little damage, just as long as it still attaches. Thank you again, I look forward to hearing from you all. - VF-1 1/55 (classic bandai) - VF-1 1/55 (Robotech MPC, yeah I know, not real Macross Valks but you know) - VF-1 1/60 (Yamato) - VF-1 1/48 (Yamato)
  5. I'm back to customizing some valks after a long hiatus. I was wondering if anyone was still making custom parts for the chunky 1/55 valks. Rob Beer's stuff is what I've been wanting. Is he still in action or anyone else? PM me if necessary with any information or if you have anything along with what you want for them. It doesn't matter if it's broken or has bubbles. I have some jetfires with armor so I really don't need any of that, mostly other head casts and other armor sets. Thanks guys.
  6. Hey guys, first post. I have a few things that I'd like to find and this seems to be the place to find out. I'm looking for a (like the title says) 1/55 Takatoku GBP-1S armor set. Came packaged some times with VF-1S. I'd love to find a loose set, stickers can be messed up or gone, can be yellow (would prefer not), have paint rub (no plastic loss preferred). Has to be complete, no resin parts, some repair or need of minor repair might be dealable. Would buy a nicer than described one if the price is right. A full resin set might be okay if the price is right. I'm big fan of the strange Takatoku/Hasbro/Matsushiro/Bandai blurred-line trans robots like Roadbuster/Mugen Calibur, Wirl/Ovelon Gazzette, and Jetfire/Valkyrie. One of my prized pieces is a Matsushiro Macross Jetfire. When I first got it I wanted to snag a GBP to slightly customize (mostly stickers, though I'm a decent customizer so I can paint/fix if necessary) to make a Macross/Transformers upgrade. These years later seem as good a time as any to see if anyone can hook me up. I have a price in mind, let's see if we both have the same number. Also I have a few extra Jetfires that have been slated for customs so I'd be interested in any of the following in 1/55 vintage or reissue: loose armor parts, weapons, blast shields, broken figs, (resin) heads, resin upgrades. I can always give 1/55 Valk bits a good home. Dependant on how much is being looked for I should be able to come up with money within the next few weeks (this is a side project and I am heavily under-employed). I also have a bunch of toys for trade. Transformers, Modern Joes and Star Wars, Vintage Star Wars, some battery/wind up stuff. I do customs, Glyos figures in particular right now. You can see some here: http://irregularbagel.com. Anyone out there that can help me? Thanks for your time!
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