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Found 4 results

  1. Recently got back from a hitchhiking trip here in Japan, and on my first day came upon this poster at a rest stop outside of Tokyo.
  2. It is clear that insanity is truly overtaking Hollywood on a daily basis. http://www.darkhorizons.com/news08/080518i.php Put simply: YOU COULD NOT MAKE ROBOCOP ANY BETTER* I am not saying that the movie is absolutely perfect, but it is excellent, a lot of fun and just great. I couldn't care less about Red Dawn, I always thought that was crappy propaganda. But HANDS OFF ROBOCOP!! Taksraven * Ok, I will admit that there is one bad FX shot in Robocop and thats right at the end when Dick Jones is blasted out of the window and it switches to a crappy claymation shot of him falling to the ground. Yes, I would use CGI to fix up that shot. But thats just ONE shot in a relatively low budget film that needs work.
  3. http://www.robotech.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=496 Starring Space Pirate Roy Harlock!
  4. I don't think that this thread already exists, so here we go. (if it does exist, let me know) One simple rule. ROBOTECH is off limits. Just trying to save Azrael some time. You can slag off at a whole franchise, one branch of it or even just one season. So lets slaughter the sacred cows. A few dishonourable mentions first. GALACTICA 1980 - Words can't describe how bad this was. At least we knew that they weren't wasting any money on it. (Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) For a good read about how shabby the effort was, check out this wiki. EARTH 2 - One of the worst examples of poor SF from the 90's. The only saving grace was that there were at least a few good ideas in the show. To bad that nobody knew how to bring them to the small screen properly. STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE - Ok, ok, babes must be in catsuits, we get it.... AND THE ABSOLUTE WORST - SEAQUEST DSV A really, really poor effort at an SF series. Seems that the cast hated it about as much as the audiences. I think it was that tacked-on environmentalism crap that really hurt the show, and by the time they tried to drop it it was too late. And they made three seasons of the garbage. OMFG. Taksraven
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