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Found 19 results

  1. Old Thread: This thread is for non-Macross "just purchased" toys. Just Purchased Macross Toys thread here:
  2. Went to Target this morning to look for the Transformers Prime Season 1 Blu-ray set. No dice. They can stock stupid crap like The Tooth Fairy 2 on Blu-ray, but not Transformers, I guess. They did have the DVD version though, if you need that. I wound up ordring it on Amazon. I'm using to paying more for Blu-rays than DVDs, but double? Yeesh.
  3. Apologies if the topic exists but I did do a search and nothing came up so for starters I cant wait for this to come up And I really like the TFC add on parts, Makes it still superior to the Maketoys version TFC Camera guys Really another BB statue Maketoys Gift Set Giant version Not sure what this is from Maketoys
  4. And we have plot of the new TF movie https://www.polygon.com/movies/22545693/transformers-rise-of-the-beasts-beast-wars-revealed And no, not of Beastformers
  5. Till all Are One https://news.tfw2005.com/2021/12/26/rest-in-peace-derrick-j-wyatt-transformers-animated-director-unexpectedly-passes-away-447193
  6. They're finally doing what I said they should have done ten years ago. Alas, that's ten years too late for me to care anymore, but I know some of you will definitely be down for this.
  7. https://www.allspark.com/2020/04/officially-confirmed-animated-transformers-movie-in-the-works-toy-story-4s-josh-cooley-to-direct/
  8. So Hasbro's got a film label now, Allspark Pictures, and they're working with Universal on a cinematic universe based on Hasbro's toy properties. More Transformer movies? Meh. A reboot of the GI Joe films? Hope it's better than the last attempt. M.A.S.K? Wait, now I'm kinda getting interested... Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light? HOLY CRAP WHERE DO I BUY TICKETS?! Visionaries in the same universe as GI Joe? *head explodes* No joke, I really want a Visionaries movie. This better not fall through! It also better not lead to a Battleship reboot...
  9. Tobot (변신자동차 또봇) is a South Korean 3D animated series about transforming cars, and it's pretty bad. Not as nauseating as China's Astro Plan, but ghastly enough to make SD Gundam Force actually watchable. It also appears to be sponsored and/or co-produced by Kia Motors, as the good guy robots consist of the Soul, the Sportage, the Forte/Cerato and the Morning/Picanto. The toys look pretty cool, though. Tobot YouTube Channel Tobot @ Cartoon Network South Korea
  10. Yeah well, it *is* going to happen. AND there is already speculation about where the franchise will go now that Bay isn't doing anymore.....
  11. http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/casey-kasem-radio-dj-dead-at-82-1.2676253 RIP. Your voice will definitely be missed. AT40, Scooby Doo, Robin from Superfriends, Transformers, NY eves ball drop and your radio shows.
  12. Well, hello gang. Graham kindly requested I move my TF-centric mongering here! So I'll post up here items available from my Shapeways store and news of upcoming parts and what not - may even take requests or constructive criticism? First up are the pew-pews; In order; misc pistol with design cues from IDW's Infiltration, misc pistol with elements of Hound's Alternators gun, Bumblebee's gun inspired by IDW's Infiltration, Jazz's pistol from the same comic arc, Hound's rifle inspired by the original toy, Prowl's rifle inspired by the new MP Prowl coming out, Sunstreaker's hand-cannon inspired from IDW's Infiltration and of course Prime's blaster with 2 different positions of the grip for use with the Classics Prime mold or for other bots. Then the accessories; My homage to Sideswipe's jet pack from the G1 cartoon, with several options for the nozzles & missile launchers for FOC Ultra Magnus - both for classic shoulder positions and additional shin-mounts, will work for both modes. And the only meleé weapon so far; I love TFA. I want my Magnus to have pretty things. I can/will also post WIPs and sneak peaks of upcoming projects - if people are interested. Enjoy.
  13. Hello again, VF-1S Hikaru: http://pixel-dan.com/hasbro-reveals-sdcc-exclsuives-for-g-i-joetransformers-my-little-pony-jem-and-marvel-legends/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=hasbro-reveals-sdcc-exclsuives-for-g-i-joetransformers-my-little-pony-jem-and-marvel-legends
  14. Has anyone ever seen this, i saw it as funny so i thought i would share. A Constructicons knock off that formed a robot named "Mr. Hard Hat" more here
  15. Un proyecto que estoy siguiendo con mucha atención. Me gustan los diseños de Don Figueroa y la verdad es que los juguetes, a juzgar por el prototipo, podrían ser una maravilla. Pongo una entrevista en la que se habla del trasfondo y de los juguetes (con fotos). Dentro de ella también hay enlaces a los tres primeros números del comic: http://www.poeghostal.com/2013/04/interview-valent-wang-and-don-figueroa-on-armarauders.html ¡Necesito que hagan el robominotauro YA!
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