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Found 1 result

  1. This topic was titled D&D 4th Edition coming in 2008. Well, Wizards of the Coast made it official at GenCon that the 4th Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG is coming next year. Apparently, this new version will owe quite a bit to the SAGA edition of the Star Wars RPG. Among the claims I've read were that characters shouldn't take quite so long to come up with as they do now (upwards of an hour or more, even longer if you're making a character above 1st level). Play is supposed to be a little less cumbersome than it is now which will supposedly lessen the amount of arguing at the table over some obscure-assed rule. One person indicated that the artwork will be less of the current 'Dungeon Punk' high-fantasy drek that passes for D&D artwork, while another said that it will basically be World of Warcraft style. The new core setting will not be The World of Greyhawk. No word yet on what campaign setting will be used. My guess is that Eberron is slated to be the core setting. In a related note, RPGA's Living Greyhawk is set to blow up before the new year (so, if you're going to DragonCon, get your LG fix while you can). No word on how it will end, though my guess is that they'll do something absurd related to Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk, probably Iggwilv will come back and kick the crap out of The Circle of Eight. Or it could go out with a whimper and simply fade into nothingness until Troll Lord Games and Gary Gygax start releasing the parts of Castle Zagyg in the next year. The DragonLance license was not renewed (which is sort of old news) since its set to make WotC money with the DVD Direct-to-Video anime (starring Lucy Lawless as Goldmoon and Keifer Sutherland as Raistlin) release in December. No word on what will happen to the setting, if it will be made into another base WotC product with 4th edition. Dave Arneson's Blackmoor setting owner Zeitgeist Games got their license renewed and shall retain the D&D 3.5 core rules for the time being. In fact, ZG is set to release several supplements soon including The Temple of the Frog, Clock and Steam as well as Riders of the Hak. So, eventhough Greyhawk and DragonLance are gonna go bye-bye with WotC, Blackmoor (the oldest D&D setting) will remain as will Gary's Zagyg setting (Greyhawk in all but name).
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