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Found 6 results

  1. I think Macross fans will get a kick out of this: Check out the plot. It involves piloted-giant robots fighting alien forces, supposedly the size of monsters like Godzilla. http://www.cityonfir...new-sci-fi-pic/ In other live-action Japanese Robot news, check out the trailer to a Hong Kong film called Let's Go: (trailer at link below) http://www.cityonfir...g-kong-blu-ray/ EDIT: Mods, sorry, I meant to post this in "Anime or Science Fiction" please move. Thanks!
  2. Syfy Channel originals, they are low budget classics that are primarily creature features that have been going on since 2002 with over 200 some film titles having the honor of being classified as such. With that said I figured we need a thread and I'll start by posting every original I've seen to date: What are your thoughts on this classic legacy?
  3. I usually do a horror movie marathon for the month of October and try to catch up on any stuff I've missed in the last year or so. This year I went with some classics, some favorites *, and a few I haven't seen yet. Going to try to get through them all before the 30th. 1. Monkey Shines - 1988 2. Visting Hours - 1982 3. 2LDK - 2003 4. The Sentinel - 1977 5. The Exorcist III - 1990 6. Madman - 1981 7. Humongous - 1982 8. Evil Dead - 2013 9. Trick 'R treat - 2007 * 10. Halloween - 1978 * 11. High Tension - 2003 * 12. Halloween 4 - 1988 * 13. Jason Goes to Hell - 1993 * 14. Near Dark - 1987 * 15. The Beyond - 1981 * 16. Fright Night - 1985 * 17. Amityville Horror 2: The Possession - 1982 18. The Day of the Beast - 1995 19. Them - 2006 20. Mutants - 2009 21. Let Me In - 2010
  4. Or is it Vivid Red? Heh, "dred" with "vivi". Anyway, just because it causes a bunch of hub-ub and I didn't want to feel left out I decided to go against my better judgment and see what is being called "Strike Witches light" as it comes out on Morkyroll. Personally? On one hand it is magic girl junk *shrivels*, the butt shots and transformation scenes are annoying (I'd say worse but they're in middle school), for such a heavy sci-fi atmosphere some things just don't add up, the music varies from okay to awful, and first time I'm saying this anywhere but everyone looks too shiny and blushy, it is irritating. On the other hand the setting visuals and style are very well crafted and colorfully pleasing and there are MONSTERS OF THE WEEK! So few of those exist in anime anymore and it really is something nice to see that in something that airs! And they have a marine animal and robotic motif to them! The characters aren't too annoying, kind of bland but nothing too bad, although who knows if that'll change. So anyone else watching?
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