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  1. This is the complete collection for 1/60 Yamato MACROSS PLUS. >>> Includes: - 1/60 YF-19 Weathering Special Version - $369 USD - 1/60 Fold Booster & Fast Pack for YF-19 & YF-21 - $199 USD - 1/60 YF-21 - $369 USD (SOLD) - 1/60 VF-11B with Super Pack - $349 USD (SOLD) - CM’s Macross Collection - Isamu Dylan - $39 USD. (SOLD) >>> Characteristics: - All ítems are brand new.
  2. Hello, trying to get rid of the last macross stuff that I don't really need. I am in Texas and prices are before postage and paypal fees if you are not comfortable with friends and family option. BTW I am on straight shooter list and a lot of folks here has bought from me happily. Unless I specify, everything is opened and displayed with box, paperwork and all the accessories. I have not been in the market for a while so if you have a reasonable price in mind feel free to pm me. If you have Bearbricks in the 200%, 400% and 1000% scale, or Chogokin/Gokin mecha (no super robot chogokin), or products of Coarse please pm me. We can trade 1. Bandai Macross MQ. Two small cannons broke off but should be an easy fix with putty. Has box, all the accessories and paperwork. 100 2. Yamato 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk Oliver drab version-Weathered 200 3. Yamato Q-Rau Miria (with pilot) and Max. Both displayed for a short while 250 4. Yamato YF-19 Weathered 300 5. Yamato 1/100 VB-6 (HMR Scale) 160 6. Arcadia VF-1J 30th Anniversary (New) 150 7. Bandai V2 YF-29 Ozma SP New 70
  3. Hey guys, I've been trying to get rid of my toynami valks for a while. So i'm going to try again here. This Valkyrie is used, but is in mint condition and was kept in a non-smoking home. There is no breakage on the figure and very little wear-and-tear. It comes with a complete set of strike parts plus any and all accessories the toy came with originally. I'm selling it for $70 free shipping. PM me if you're interested
  4. SOLD I'm selling off my Hi-Metal r VF-1J (obviously). This is the DYRL version that comes with the GBP armor. The figure is in mint condition with no paint chips or damage and all pieces are accounted for. I'm also including a Tamashii display stand with the figure. It had been displayed for a while and transformed only once. The figure might as well be brand new. Asking price is $180 + shipping (free shipping can be arranged depending on where you live) U.S. ONLY!!! DM me if interested
  5. With heavy heart I must put my Yamato VF-19 sound booster up for sale. The item is complete with all accessories and has been out of the box. Only one sticker has been used from the item on a laptop of mine. I'm more than happy to answer any questions! US buyers only. $90 shipped!
  6. 1. Yamato 1/60 YF-19 w/ FAST Pack SOLD. 2. Yamato 1/60 VF-11C SOLD. 3. Bandai DX VF-27 (tv version) SOLD. 4. Yamato Clear Stand (same as YF-19/YF-21 version) SOLD. 5. Bandai DX Galia IV Set (Fold Booster ONLY) SOLD. 6. Nendoroid Sheryl Nome SOLD. 7. Nendoroid Ranka Lee SOLD. 8. Figma Samus Aran SOLD. 9. Macrossworld Con 2010 Shirt $25 shipped OBO. Shipping will be extra depending on location. Paypal preferred. Buyer to add 4% for fees. I can get pics if requested. Thanks!
  7. Hi all. I have decided to clear my Macross/Robotech collection, only a few will stay in my curio and others will go to better homes. These toys are well taken care of, mostly transformed no more than 3 times (I play more with Super Robot Chogokin toys, which is one of the reasons I decide to reduce the size of macross collection). I will just show the picture of the box and unless specified, all the toys should have no major blemishes and only been played no more than 5 times (you can always ask for pics of specific spots). Prices do not include paypal fees or shipping, and if you intend to buy more than just 1, we can work on the price little bit (reasonable offers are welcome as well). BTW none of the sticker sheets are used. Arcadia VF-0A Transformed once and it is still standing in the curio cabinet $290 Yamato Ghost Booster A MIB 160 fit arcadia arcadia vf0 series Ghost booster B Unopened 130 fit arcadia vf0 series VF-0A and ghost booster set MIB 250 YF-29 Ozma Available 240 YF-29 Ozma SP Available MISBX2 50
  8. Moved to another thread: http://www.macrosswo...php?showforum=9
  9. For sale only. Price does not include shipping and I do ship internationally. Please pay through paypal and if you do not like using the f&f option please add the paypal fees. Also feel free to send a reasonable offer to joezhang0314@gmail.com Unless specified, all the planes are in their original box, nothing broken, stickers never applied and the instructions are still there. Feel free to ask me questions if you are interested. VT-1 MIB, sealed in plastic by Jungle.Sold VE-1 MISB 350. Vf-1d Virgin road. Stickers never applied. Everything works. SOLD VF-1a sfv-26 Cavaliers SOLD VF-1d $250 sv-51r $180 VF-1S RF with SS parts $225 YF-19 $110
  10. I am running out of room to keep these, they just take up way too much room to keep in storage. Most of them were displayed on a shelf for years and then packed in boxes after a move ~3 years ago so they may have some dust on them but not much, if any. Most have been transformed once. Some, possibly twice. I am not an avid toy collector so I don't know the in and outs of what may be wrong with them from a production point of view. So far as I know they have no issues except where noted. So please ask questions or for more pictures before committing. Unless otherwise noted, all toys have original paperwork, Decals and Hands. Decals have not been applied unless otherwise noted. I am not used to selling, only buying, so shipping will take me a few days due to my schedule and finding boxes/shipping material to ship them safely to you. All Prices in U.S. dollar. I am guessing at prices so please don't rant on me for them, I really don't have a clue what is or is not a good price for them. Prices do not include shipping, ask me how much to ship to you and your preferred carrier/delivery type and will get back to you as soon as possible. USPS is way closer and easier for me to get to so maybe faster to get to you if you are in a hurry. (So far standard shipping seems to be going for 12$-15$ in the U.S.) I don't mind shipping overseas if you don't mind the shipping price. payment via paypal preferred, pay as gift or add the % sales amount. If you would prefer a different payment method, let me know and will discuss. I am a modeler (more of a collector due to the amount of time I don't have these days) and am willing to trade for certain original kits, see list below. If you think you may have something of interest to me, ask. I do not want any plastic kits, only original resin/multimedia kits please. Here is a list of items that are not currently listed and am willing and wanting to get rid of. If you are interested, pm me with the item from the list and i will post some pictures and a price. NOTE: Please don't ask me the for my best price. That price is listed. If you would like a cheaper price, make a reasonable offer, payment plan, hold for a time period or something. There are some that have been successful in doing so, some for a few bucks, some for more. I am not selling because I need the money, really not wanting to get rid of most of them but I do truly do need to make some room and I hate seeing them sitting in a closet for no one to enjoy. Wants: 1/48 Club-M/Tanmen YF-21/VF-22S Resin Model Kit 1/48 Club-M/Tanmen VF-1S Ultimate Strike Detail Resin Model Kit For Sale: Pictures below 1/48 $150 VF-1J Variable Fighter - Hikaru Ichijo (right hand fist has started to blacken for some reason, it is not dirt) $175 VF-1A Variable Fighter - Mass Production Type - Sold (ZDZIYO) - shipped - received $200 VF-1S Variable Fighter - Roy Focker - Sold (connor99) - shipped - received $200 Armor Parts for VF-1 Valkyrie 1/60 (Ver. 1) $90 VF-1J Super Valkyrie $65 VF-1D - Hold - Sold (bbrain) - shipped $65 VF-1D - Hold - Sold (bbrain) - shipped $60 VF-1A Hikaru - Missiles are yellowing $50 VF-1A Max (Some Stickers have been applied) $50 VF-1A Mass Production (missing gun) 1/72 $60 VF-11B - Decals and paperwork is missing (no idea why), If I find it I will ship with it. One of the two canopies have been cut out nicely with a tab so it will stay in place. Never been transformed so legs are not broken and are intact. 1/10 $300 Cyclone Ride Armor by Toynami VR-052F Scott Bernard 1/48? $100.00 CM's Mospeada Brave 01 EX Legioss & Tread AFC-01Z Zeta (Red) (Hold) ZDZIYO $150 1/60 VF-22S Miria - Sold (Hazray13) $225 1/60 Fold Booster & Fast Pack for YF-19 & YF-21 $225 1/60 YF-19 Bird of Prey Unit 3 VF-1J Variable Fighter - Hikaru Ichijo (right hand fist has started to blacken for some reason, it is not dirt) Armor Parts for VF-1 Valkyrie VF-1J Super Valkyrie VF-1A Hikaru - Missiles are yellowing VF-1A Max (Some Stickers have been applied) VF-1A Mass Production (missing gun) Fold Booster & Fast Pack for YF-19 & YF-21 YF-19 Bird of Prey Unit 3 1/10 Cyclone Ride Armor by Toynami VR-052F Scott Bernard 1/72 Yamato VF-11B
  11. I have a 1/48th scale VF-1J Millia ver. that I'm hoping to sell. Box is in good shape, stickers and instructions are still bagged and taped to the bottom of the inner box. Toy itself was displayed on a tripod stand and transformed to Gerwalk mode maybe once or twice but otherwise left in fighter mode. No smoking, not directly in UV light. Was dusted regularly and wiped off before being put back in its box but there might be a little bit of dust in a nook or cranny here or there despite my efforts. Hoping for $300 shipped to anywhere in the US for it. I also have a set of all 6 Soul of Chogokin Evangelion units. 00, 00 Kai, 01, 02, 03, and 04. A few have loose joints, which just seems to be a problem they develop over time. Apparently you can pop off the screw covers and tighten the screws to fix that, I haven't personally done so. Unit 03's battery pack is missing its lower clip to hold it onto the fin but includes a second battery pack that also only has the upper clip. Most of the entry plugs have varying degrees of yellowing, not sure why since they weren't in direct sunlight. Unit 04 includes a second set of hands that are black instead of purple but is missing one of them. All of the original purple hands are present. Unit 01 is also missing its secondary horn IIRC. All boxes are in good shape, including the Styrofoam inserts to hold the Eva units. Hoping to get $300 for the set of six, shipped anywhere in the us, but am willing to haggle.
  12. updating as i go along. Unless otherwise noted, Prices INCLUDE shipping to lower 48 states in USA with tracking and Insurace. Add 4% for Paypal fees or send as gift. Also please note I do NOT ship internationally as its a real PITA for me to do so. Sorry. Macross #M2 Bandai Robot Spirits Queadluun Rare (note this is the red one, not the green one) MISB $20 New #M6 Max Factory Sheryl Nome Figure MISB $100 (this one has a HUGE box so free shipping makes this a steal!) VF-0A "unknown soldier" (aka NOT the Shin release) - figure has been on display but never transformed from fighter mode. Box is excellent condition. Comes complete with instructions box etc. - $210 $185 SPT Layzner Bandai chogokin soul spec xs-02 original release. MISB but box has some wear to it $120 Bandai chogokin soul spec Mark II (the one that transforms) MISB , box in excellent condition. Comes with brown "shipper box "too, although that seal is broken while product box is not and still sealed $150 Voltron: V#1: Dream EX DIE CAST SERIES F-01 Voltron GORAION MISB. . (This is an awesome diecast SD version of Lion Voltron!!) $80 $75 Transformers and 3rd party transforming toys I gear raptor skywind or thunderwraith excellent condition, complete with box and instructions. transformed once and displayed $77 EACH 2. Hasbro Transformers Generations Wheeljack + Hasbro Transformers Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks + Hasbro Transformers Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz + Hasbro Transformers Generations Junk Heap- All- Mint on Sealed Card (MOSC) - $50 for all 4!!
  13. Hello fellow Macross enthusiasts. After obtaining a VF-25G and YF-29 Isamu Custom, the Frontier DX toys have truly bitten me. I had a VF-25F on preorder from HLJ but it never materialized, so I cancelled it. I still want one! Anyone got one they want to part with? I'm even cool if it's loose, as long as it's in good shape. I'm also interested in anything else Frontier related, so feel free to PM me if you've got anything you want to move. I'm in Australia and shipping from places outside Australia tends to be $40 USD and up. For what that's worth. (HINT: it means I'm not going to want to spend more than second-hand mandarake/jungle prices ) If you're wanting trades, I have a customised CF VF-171 and armor parts set and possibly some other items as well. TIA
  14. Shipping is included within 48 states via Priority mail with tracking number. 1/60 Yamato YF-19 with Fastpack - $205 SOLD Leg joint is a bit loose but other than that it's in great condition. 1/48 Yamato VF-1S Hikaru Ichijo with Fastpack - $205 SOLD Little bit of shelf ware on the 1/48 box but other than that all items are in great condition. Thanks for looking.
  15. You can find Macross shirts I have designed here: www.registeredphresh.com Shirts are $25 each (+$2 for XXL) and shipping is $6 every 1-2 shirts within the US. Please PM for iternational shipping. *Please PM for orders, include size, shirt, shipping address, paypal info, or you can order from my online store. **Whether sold here in MW forums or outside of the forums, each design/variation will be limited amount made. I have a lot of designs in progress and would love to get them out after these first set of designs. ***A little more info about the materials used: Vinyl Heat Transfer "ThermoFlex® Plus is a durable polyurethane based material that is highly flexible. It has a soft hand and strong grip and if applied properly will outlast the life of the garment." Shirts 5.4 oz.100% combed ringspun cotton Pre-shrunk Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamless collar Double-needle neck, sleeve and bottom hem. ****Read the post for reviews by people who have ordered.
  16. UPDATED: 9/27/2013 Updated with items sold and PENDING. Hey all, Been a long time since I have been here so.. Life step in the way as I have gotten married and now baby Godzilla is running around. As most know, I have an extensive collection of Macross including a large amount of Yamato 1/48s as well as some 1/60s plus ton of other macross stuff. I also collected lot of other stuff as well. Right now I am reducing my collection by getting rid of extras as well other things I collected that no longer interests me. Prices do not include shipping is not included unless noted. For now here is the list below. I will add more as I am cleaning out the closets and reviewing my collection. More yamato 1/48s, 1/60s, and TF G1s will be posted. I am on the Straight shooters list. Clarifications as I am getting these questions constantly: Yamato never sealed the 1/48s hence why I cannot say they are MISB. If it does not have a factory tape to seal it, then it is called MIB. I dont want ppl coming back to me accusing me of misrepresentaion. Collectors are finicky and I am one of them. I want this to be made clear. Some of the 1/60s did not have the factory tape as well (yf-19, VF-0, SV-51). Only did the 1/60 v2 is when yamato put the factory tape on them. With that said, items have never been opened nor displayed unless stated otherwise. Free shipping where items with prices include the shipping is only for within CON US unless negotiate otherwise. Macross: 1/48 Yamato DYRL Super Parts MIB $100 SOLD TO tturbozx66 1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1S Hikaru MIB $175 3 2x 1/48 Yamato TV VF-1J Hikaru MIB $150 1x SOLD TO tturbozx66 3x 1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1A Hikaru MIB $140 each 1/48 Yamato VF-1J Stealth w/armor parts MIB case fresh $300 1/48 Yamato VF-1J Stealth w/armor parts MIB case fresh $275. SOLD TO tturbozx66 1/48 Yamato TV VF-1J Max Super MIB $250 1/48 Yamato TV VF-1J Millia Super MIB $250 or for both $500 shipped w/insurance 1/60 Yamato M0 SV-51 Nora Type MIB $250 Box edges are a little rough 1/60 Yamato M0 VF-0 Shin Kudo with QF-2200D-B Ghost booster MIB $250 SOLD TO tturbozx66 1/60 Yamato MPLUS YF-19 (non-booster) MIB $175 All are in sealed bags unless noted. Box was opened to inspect the contents. See pic. CMS Macross Part 3 Max in Q-Rau pilot suit $15 (opened) 2x CMS Macross Part 3 Flower Girl $10 2x CMS Macross Part 3 Minmay $20 2x CMS Macross Part 3 Sammie bridge bunny $15 2x CMS Macross Part 3 Isamu Dyson $15 1x PENDING CMS Macross Part 3 Roy VF-1S cut away $25 or for a set $100 shipped Robotech/Mospeada: Toynami Rand Beta #00185 $100 MIB (opened for inspection) PRICE DROP Toynami Scott Alpha #03205 MISB $125 MISB or $200 for the set CM's corp brave 01 EX gokin Legosis & tread mospeada Blue, Green, and Red $100 each plus shipping or all for $300 Shipped. All are MIBs as they were opened for inspection. Transformers: Takara Masterpiece MP-06 $120 MISB (small dent on the lower corner) EBAY Alternators: Camshaft MISB $55 Prowl MISB $50 Mirage MISB $50 Rodimus MISB $45 Wheeljack w/box $35 Hound w/box $35 Sunstreaker w/box $30 Sideswipe no box $20 Tracks no box $25 Skids with no box $15 OR $300 OBO for the LOT BINALTECHS: All are MISBs unless stated other wise. BTA-01 Alert (small box celephane edge tear)$100 BTA-02 Sunstreaker $120 BT-01 Smokescreen $45 BT-02 Lambor $50 BT-03 Streak $40 BT-04 Hound $60 BT-06 Tracks $55 BT-10 Grimlock $60 BT-13 Laserwave AKA Shockwave $70 MIB as the tape cut open on one side of the box. I have not used it on display and was opened for inspection. BT-15 Prowl (blue) $60 OR $600 OBO for the LOT Space Battleship Yamato: The Museum of Leiji Matsumoto 1/1000th scale Triple cast Yamato (Opened once for display) $175 The Museum of Leiji Matsumoto 1/1000th scale Triple cast Andromeda Opened once for display) $175 Bandai DX BPX-01 Space Battleship Yamato MISB $150 Anime: Sega Evangelion Asuka in Chinese dress MISB $25 Sega Evangelion Rei in Chinese dress MISB $25 Or Both for $40 OBO Bandai MG 1/35 Patlabor Ingram 1 MIB $35 OBO Bandai MG 1/35 Light Patlabor 2 MIB $45 OBO or Both for $75 OBO EBAY My Wants: 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL DX VF-27 Lucifer Brera MIB ACQUIRED 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25G Michel Type 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25G Fastpack PENDING 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25S Ozuma Type 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25S armor pack ACQUIRED 1/48 Yamato Custom Minmay Guard Moon Act (Kurt customization would be nice but not required) TFC Rage of Hercules (I refuse to pay $180 or trade $180 in value for it) Pictures are available below. I am willing to trade as well as negotiate but please refrain from giving me ridiculous offers. Reasonable offers will be considered. If you buy more, there is room to negotiate. Trades will get priority. Payment: Paypal is accepted (duh). Please send as gift or add 4% to the total. If trading, I expect that you ship the same day using the same agreed upon service. Shipping: I use USPS priority as it includes tracking or FedEx or UPS whichever is cheaper. INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. Despite that my packages are well padded, there is no guarantee that your package will arrive undamaged. And as these items are high dollar amounts, I highly recommend that you get insurance as you would want to protect your investment. If you have any question or want more pics, please send me a PM. Shoot me an PM with your zip so I can give you a shipping price. Thanks. SOLD: Takara Masterpiece MP-02 Ultra Magnus $150 MISB SOLD TO Keoki420 1/48 Yamato VF-1J Stealth w/armor parts MIB case fresh $300 each 1x SOLD to kris_01 1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1A Hikaru MIB $140 each 1x SOLD to ckgfip 1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1J Hikaru MIB $150 each 1x SOLD TO auberondreaming
  17. I also have finally gotten the molds for the 1/48 VF1d conversion kits up and running. Important to know that my version has a crystal clear canopy, instead of the translucent one of the original, it's a PITA to cast, but worth it. These are $40 + shipping. PM me for details. Will post pics soon thanks mike
  18. I'm selling a loose Yamato 1/60 scale V2 DYRL Focker VF-1S, It is complete, includes all accessories, manual, and partially used sticker sheet, but no box. This is an early release with the tinted canopy. The toy is in great shape overall, no yellowing, and most of the joints are still tight and clicky. However, it is NOT a mint toy. Here are some things to note about this toy: Shoulders are Shapeways replacements parts. The right shoulder is a little on the loose side, which is only apparent in battroid mode, but you can always get new parts. The swing bar has some minor paint chipping. There is a bit of fading on some of the smaller tampo printed details. In battroid mode, if the toy is posed with too much weight leaning forward, the trap door that holds the swing bar in the nosecone will sometimes open. One of the missile clusters had it attachment peg broken off. That said, it still can attach to the wing. The toy has been panel-lined. See pictures below. Asking $SOLD (includes shipping) plus Paypal fees, or send payment as a gift. I've only done one deal on the forum so far (search for me under the Straight Shooter's list), but I can give you my eBay ID for reference (I have perfect feedback as both a seller and buyer). PM me with any questions. U.S. buyers only. Thanks for looking.
  19. I am helping my friend to sell his 1/60 Ver2 VF-1J Max & Millia Set. Toy condition: brand new, no transform, only displayed in dust-free display shelf, intact sticker and manual. Box condition: no box. 800 USD + 4% paypal fee --- shipped to anywhere in US. Also ship worldwide but the shipping is slightly more. I think this is the first time in MWF to see this set for sale during 2013. Considering Yamato is gone, it might be the last one in this year probably... Thanks for watching or PMing. Pictures are shown as below. No worry about shipping and packing, which I always pay special attention to.
  20. See the image for the six kits. Bought these around 4 years ago and with a recent layoff, they're part of the purge and rent/food/payments etc needs now. My preference would be to get them into the hands of someone who will build them as opposed to them having to sit in storage b/c hey, no room and no time, alas. Asking for $420 + shipping in the continental US (LIght but slightly larger packaging, I won't bottom line the shipping). Outside of the US it can get to be a pain, sorry. All basics are pretty straightforward, unopened etc and in great condition. Preference for payment is a money order (PP is too much hassle for too little in return for immediate use of the funds etc.) Realize this can add a bit of time on to getting the MO and sending it, etc. If you have any questions, drop a line and no, I won't sell individually.
  21. Hey guys, I have the following stuff I was going to list on eBay next week but I thought I'd put it up for sale or trade here first. Prices include shipping to continental US. All toys were used for reviews on anymoon.com where you can find lots of pictures of the actual items. No stickers applied, complete with all accessories: 1) Bandai VF100 Family Mart Exclusive $80 2) Bandai VF100 Fighter VF-25S Exclusive $70 3) Bandai VF100 Fighter VF-25F Exclusive $70 4) Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Hikaru Exclusive $39 5) Toynami 1/100 VF-1S Stealth Exclusive $39 6) Aoshima 1/48 Mospeada Tread BLUE $115 7) Toynami 1/55 Masterpiece Volume 1 HIkaru VF-1J $105 Happy to trade for any of the following items: Transformers Masterpiece toys (just about any Takara release, any Hasbro other than an Optimus toy, Thundercracker, or Skywarp) Votoms Actic Gear AG-N line, AG-EX line, some CMs releases, Seven releases, joint models, Yamato Fyana Uoodo version Macross Yamato VF-11C, SV-51 Cannon Fodder, Cavaliers VF-1A, VF-1D with bonus parts, Angelbirds VF-1A
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