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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I'm clearing out my cupboard/downsizing my collection... I came across a few things for which I'm keen to find a home. The items below (except the VF-1S) were warranty replacements obtained from HLJ - some they gave me incorrectly!! (Heat shield) So... I have a couple of spare arms I got as replacements for my V2/Yamato VF-1S (Roy) from HLJ - one is in good condition, the others have small cracks typical of this version (though useable) - from the replacement surgery I performed on the figure. There is also a spare cockpit with the rainbow treatment (some overspray (??) - you can see in pic)- I took this off the original VF-1S Roy I had, and replaced it with a warranty one from HLJ, and a black heatshield for the VF-1S. I'm asking: 1) $20USD for the arms (all of them) 2) $40USD for the cockpit 3) $40USD for the heatshield All are new (except for the replacement arms with cracks in them). Thought it'd be good to find a place for them here! I also have a 1/60 VF-1S Roy with Super/strike parts - unopened bubble, but the package was opened to check the 'flashlight' accessory wast there. Figure is untransformed and no stickers applied - all still sealed in the baggy it came in! Box is okay with a small tear from when I opened it (grr!) - shown. I'm not sure what a fair price is at the moment, but I'm suggesting: 4) $350USD. (or $420AUD for local) for 1/60 V2 VF-1S roy The items are all based in Sydney/Australia. I am happy to ship internationally, but will require the buyer to pay for postage + paypal fees, if paypal the way it is paid. Happy to entertain reasonable offers! I have over 230 positive feedback transactions on ebay. I've been a visitor and minor contributor to these forums before - please buy with confidence! Pics below!
  2. vlenhoff

    Old vf1s

    From the album: Lenhoff's mental macross images & collection gallery

    Original drawing. Drawn by hand, an d painted in Photoshop. Roy stands his ground in macross island, as the first contact was made with the aliens. Clipped in the right arm, Roy's valkyrie bleeds slowly.

    © My interpretation of it, not for profit.

  3. Not a genuine product. But interesting. http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f150212787
  4. MW'rs, I am in search of another 1/48 VF-1S Focker/Fokker. I would love if it was in a box but not a deal breaker. All I ask is that there's nothing broken, and very little yellowing if its loose. The accessories are welcomed but not essential for the deal. So hit me up folks I need this Valk for my display. Raya
  5. Channel surfing one day provided the inspiration for my new Macross relatated AMV. Here it is:
  6. Raya1823


    MW'rs, I'm missing a iconic piece, I'm looking for a Yamato Roy Focker/Fokker VF-1S. So if anyone has an extra or is looking to sell a VF-1S send me an pm. Im looking for V1 and/or V2 if my budget holds up. Thank you all. Raya
  7. I'm selling a loose Yamato 1/60 scale V2 DYRL Focker VF-1S, It is complete, includes all accessories, manual, and partially used sticker sheet, but no box. This is an early release with the tinted canopy. The toy is in great shape overall, no yellowing, and most of the joints are still tight and clicky. However, it is NOT a mint toy. Here are some things to note about this toy: Shoulders are Shapeways replacements parts. The right shoulder is a little on the loose side, which is only apparent in battroid mode, but you can always get new parts. The swing bar has some minor paint chipping. There is a bit of fading on some of the smaller tampo printed details. In battroid mode, if the toy is posed with too much weight leaning forward, the trap door that holds the swing bar in the nosecone will sometimes open. One of the missile clusters had it attachment peg broken off. That said, it still can attach to the wing. The toy has been panel-lined. See pictures below. Asking $SOLD (includes shipping) plus Paypal fees, or send payment as a gift. I've only done one deal on the forum so far (search for me under the Straight Shooter's list), but I can give you my eBay ID for reference (I have perfect feedback as both a seller and buyer). PM me with any questions. U.S. buyers only. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hey guys! Looking to sell or trade my YF-29 Messiah Valkyrie 30th Anniversary, after a while on my shelf - I just don't dig it as much as I used to. Transformed twice and left in fighter mode. It is in near-perfect condition, box is a little dinted from initial delivery, and pictures below document any faults (from factory) - figure also comes with 5x shapeway's WSF custom built head lasers, if u don't like the floppy plastic. I quickly gundam-marker'd one pair and installed them, its rough - but u can always use the originals or try your hand at the other 4 pairs. I'd be interested in a trade (in order of preference), if you have a; - 1/60 SV-51 (CF) [MIB] - MP-10 Optimus [MIB] (Did they ever do a version without trailer? If so, I can live without the trailer) - MP-11 Starscream [MIB] - 1/60 VF-11C [MIB] - 1/60 YF-19 (Double Nuts) [MIB] - 1/60 YF-19 (Bird of Prey) [MIB] I'd very much appreciate if any faults or defects were documented and advised - some might not bother me, i.e., I can fix them. I'll let it sit for a week or so to see how it goes, otherwise I'll be selling this for $250 USD, shipped. You can paypal me at kurisama@gmail.com, please add 4% or as gift option. Some paint chipping, a small amount from factory - but slightly worse after first transformation; Scraped discast behind the gem; Not visible in fighter mode; Original lasers + spares; Ready to ship & box damage (if box damage is your thing); Please feel free to ask any questions here, otherwise please PM with offers.
  9. maxsterling

    Valkyrie Aces

    From the album: Macross at Tekkoshocon X-2

    Shin, Roy, Max, Komilia & Milia at Tekkoshocon X-2.
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