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Found 21 results

  1. Bringing back this thread with the. . . Greatest. R&B Love Song. Ever. (There's also an actual video for the song too, but youtube won't allow it to be embedded.)
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-64148843.amp https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2023/01/02/entertainment/earth-wind--fire-drummer-dead/index.html
  3. From BBC: Christine McVie, who played with Fleetwood Mac and wrote some of their most famous songs, has died aged 79, her family has said. The British singer-songwriter was behind hits including Little Lies, Everywhere, Don't Stop, Say You Love Me and Songbird. She died peacefully at a hospital in the company of her family, a statement said. McVie left Fleetwood Mac after 28 years in 1998 but returned in 2014. The family's statement said "we would like everyone to keep Christine in their hearts and remember the life of an incredible human being, and revered musician who was loved universally". Born Christine Perfect, McVie married Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie, and joined the group at the start of the 1970s. (more): https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-63812952
  4. Irene Cara, "Flashdance", "Fame" singer, dead at 63 From FoxNews: Irene Cara, award-winning singer of popular ‘80s songs "Fame" and "Flashdance…What a Feeling" has died. She was 63. A statement was posted on early Saturday morning from her official Twitter account on behalf of her publicist. The cause of death is "currently unknown." "It is with profound sadness that on behalf of her family I announce the passing of Irene Cara," the statement said. (more) https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/irene-cara-flashdance-fame-singer-dead-63
  5. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/09/28/entertainment/coolio-obit/index.html
  6. From Yahoo News: (more): https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/olivia-newton-john-star-of-grease-and-grammy-winner-dead-at-age-73-195050966.html
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-60080934 Thanks for the musics
  8. What do people think? Many artists are doing retro 80's sound nowadays, so it does have it's appeal?
  9. OK, c'mon. Everybody has a guilty pleasure. Something that you enjoy but you know that if others knew about this pleasure you could very easily be mocked. It might be a TV show, film, a song, a musical artist, a certain type of toy, Emma Watson, whatever. Time fo 'fess up. MY guilty pleasure at the moment is La Roux (which I have previously admitted to, I know.) Strange music with backing instrumentation that sounds like it is coming out of a C64, but I think its great stuff anyway. So c'mon. What do you like that you shouldn't. ONE rule - No mocking or nastiness here. This is just a place to clear one's conscience. Taksraven
  10. So, I'm not trying to start a hate thread or any fights. I'm curious to hear what idols from the Macross continuity you like the best. Any music or musician/group are fair game. I'll kick it off, I like Sheryl Nome. I like her character (even if she's a bit conceited and arrogant), she's honest with herself, and I actually find her music to be the most catchy. Now don't get me wrong, I like the others, though Minmei is probably my least favorite, since she's a very flimsy character. I dislike Nekki Basara, but I like Fire Bomber. I'd say Ranka is my second favorite, she's really upbeat and cheerful, which is refreshing. What about y'all?
  11. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-12-01/macross-frontier-megumi-nakajima-goes-on-hiatus-from-music Japanese http://otanews.livedoor.biz/archives/51969510.html
  12. Chie Kajiura's final Mylene Night gig is happening tomorrow! Going? Impressions? Reviews? Post em here!
  13. Superdimensional Duet Collection - Nyan Kora! (Nyan Collaboration) Due to be released on March 26 at a recommended retail price of 2000yen (plus tax) this 30th anniversary duet album will feature 5 all new collaborations, as well as the duets previously featured on the Nyan Dora drama albums. The track list is as follows: 1. REMEMBER 16 <Macross 7> (previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection) Basara x Ranka 2. Koi no Banana Moon <Macross 2> Luca x Nanase 3. Runner(big Klan ver.) <Macross TV> (previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection) 4. Uchuu Fuufu-kan <Macross F> Capt. Wilder x Monika 5. 0-G Love <Macross TV> Grace x Leon 6. Totsugeki Love Heart<Macross 7> Ozuma x Cathy 7. Shao Pai Lon <Macross TV> Alto x Brera 8. Aimo <Macross F> Mao x Sheryl 【Bonus Tracks】 9. Lion <Macross F> Big Klan x Klan Klan 10. Friends~Jikuu wo koete~ (15th Anniversary single) Minmei x Mylene
  14. (Long time no posts. I am binging on Macross again, and finally got around to watching the whole original series.) So, am watching 7 for the first time in... a long time... and I still hate Chie Kajiura's singing. Except now I know why... at the time she had a weak voice and amateurish singing skills at best, and when compared to Yoshiki Fukuyama's EPIC POWERS OF ROCK (his songs are still good 18 years later... that can be said about very few fictional bands), it seems even worse, especially when she's singing a capella...and even more so when you consider how good Mari Ijima (at least for a 17 year-old 80's Idol) and the Frontier girls were. Speaking of which, I came with striking distance of May'n a few years ago when I snuck backstage at the World Cosplay Summit (long story). YOU MAD? (hehehe)
  15. Tried the search function, and even regular search browsers, but wasn't able to find anything like what I'm looking for. The title is also a bit general, I'm not exactly looking for other J-rock bands like Fire Bomber/Hummingbird. What I AM looking for is english-language music and individual song tracks that are of a similar rock style, possibly even with co-ed vocalist teams, that I can purchase and work out to. I also already own the Fire Bomber American album in all its glory, so no recommendations on that one please Think more like, "if Ozma Lee had to shop on American iTunes, what would he buy?" Admittedly, I am extremely deficient musically, and your first thought was probably "this guy's asking an insanely broad question," but please bear with me. I never listened to much variety as a kid, and more than likely would have heard the "Weird Al" version of most songs without ever hearing the originals. I listened to quite a bit of techno as a teen, but now that I'm older and work out regularly (mixed martial arts, and teach submission grappling), I'm looking for something with more of a rock element, or FIYAHH, if you will. I'm a huge fan of all the Macross 7 tracks, and they're on a loop when I work out solo, but it wouldn't do me well to lead a class with a bunch of Japanese rock music. On the other hand, I'm also kind of sick of the constant heavy/rap metal that most gyms play, and contemporary music completely turns me off - I listen more to news radio in my car now than music stations because I can never find something I'd like to listen to. I did discover one band, called Rev Theory, who have some tracks out that really struck me as having a similar feel to songs that Fire Bomber would sing, albeit with slightly edgier lyrics. I actually walked out to one of their songs for my debut/only/retirement fight. I know it sounds corny, but I tend to associate music with scenes or events (probably why I like showtunes and movie scores so much), and a couple of their tracks always make me think of Macross 7: Hell Yeah (reminds me of Holy Lonely Light, when they fight Grabil the first time) Broken Bones (reminds me of My Soul For You, rehabilitating Spiritia-drained pilots) I know there's a lot of musical experience and talent on the boards here, can anyone provide me with a few recommendations? It'll save me quite a bit of trouble trying to sift through dozens of "this is Rock" compilations.
  16. From the album: Otakon 2013

    Countdown to Otakon 2013. Music is a huge part of Macross and we'll include some live performances at our fan panel this August.
  17. Just rewatch the original SDFM, watched it many times before but since I knew the whole story I was usually doing several things while watching it and didn't got to deeply on the subtle things of the show. Don't know if anyone discussed this before, search it but did not find. I was always curious on the ending credits after every episode on how melancholic the music and lyrics were, talking about going away, etc., how it sorta cut out of the feeling of the show being a space opera. Also specially why the ending credits were not cut like the show opening in every episode. Until I saw episode 28 and 36. On episode 28 I realized the ending credits is the scene where Misa is seeing Hikaru's photo album with only Minmei pictures and how sad she gets. Given on how its all setup, the album color/design and placing in the table along with the space helmet/Fokker Helmet., so, everytime an episodes ends you know how Misa feels with the lyrics talking about not being able to follow somebody, uncertainty about today and the future and running towards a goal in the distance. In the end of Episode 36, the last scene after Minmei fairs good bye on going away to find a new reason to sing leaving Hikaru with Misa, there's a hand closing an album with Hikaru and Misa together in the wreckage of the Macross being the last picture . Its Misa closing her album now with her in it. When the ending credits role, is now Mari Iijima/Minmei singing, but the lyrics are slightly different talking on how she's chosen her new path to reach her goal in the distance. This is why I love SDFM. So, was this common knowledge?
  18. Old Thread here - http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=26227 May'n performs with a VERY special guest! http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm6520819
  19. INTERVEW WITH fripSide AT ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2012 This is the first time the group fripSide has been invited to perform, in Singapore, so our fellow Macross member, Rei with Kent (from Anime Shrine) caught up with them on the 9th November 2012, at Changi Village Hotel and below is what transpired in the interview. Note: As the interview answers were conveyed through a translator thus certain replies may be lost in translation. Q : Firstly, congratulations on your 10th Anniversary Album [Decade]. Happy Belated Birthday, Sat-san and Nanjou-san, congratulations on launching your solo debut on December. Other than the album in being the group's 10th anniversary after founding, what is the message that you wish to send in [Decade]? NANJOU: [Decade] is fripSide's 10th anniversary album, we would want the listeners to think back on what they were doing in these 10 years back. I would want the listeners to understand that time is a precious thing and we should not do things that would make us regret in the future. We should think wisely before we make any actions. SAT: For me, this album is actually for the 10th anniversary, and I'm very happy to be able to produce it. This album comprises of songs from the past albums & singles as well. I really hope the listeners would take note while listening to the album, would there be any different feelings or memories that came up to their mind while listening to this new album. I hope that everybody understands that fripSide's music are made for everyone & this 10th anniversary marks our step into globalizing our music in Asia. Q : How did the group name "fripSide" came about? SAT: The name was originally suppose to be "flip-side" with an "L" instead of an "R", which came from the flip-side (B side) of the old vinyl records but now it's all in CDs. The message in the name is that we are putting in efforts for both, the A side and also in the B side as well. We want the listeners to listen both cover sides equally. The capitalized "S" in fripSide represents me (Sat-san) with the impression to have a playful side to the name. Q : You have done many collaboration works with various artistes, which work was the one you would say is your best? SAT: I've worked with some artistes that appeared in AFA such as KOTOKO-san, m.o.v.e.'s Motsu-san, and Kurosaki Maon-san. I find that our style of music and the music that we pursue have very similar. Also the creative sides are also similar. We can compliment each others music really well, so I really hope that we are able to do more collaborations in the future. Q : Nanjou-san is a seiyuu who debuted in 2006 before being selected as fripSide's vocalist. How was she selected? NANJOU: When the 2nd generation vocal for fripSide was going to be produced, it was just the time when the original vocal, Nao-san was about to graduate from fripSide. Sat-san has heard my voice through my works as a seiyuu and my voice suits his style of music so he said that we should form fripSide together. Q : How did your individual names came about? SAT: My given name, Satoshi was too long, so to short things up, Sat. That's all~ NANJOU: Well, Nangiorno is a nickname from a close friend from my original label company out of the blue. Q : Currently Nanjou-san is voice acting "Senomiya Akiho" in "Robotics;Notes". What do you think of this character you're playing? NANJOU: Akiho is a very optimistic girl. She's always very bubbly & cheerful. Her straight-forwardness is one of her good points. I hope that I can bring out Akiho's good points through my "genki" voice-acting. Special Thanks goes to Lim Wee Ling, Stephanie Seah, Michelle Tong of Asia PR Werkz Pte Ltd and Shawn Chin of Anime Festival Asia for arranging and assistance for the interview.
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