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  1. Hey guys, http://www.hlj.com/scripts/hljlist?SaleGroup=SALE1403IMASAIR&header=IdolAirSal314 I thought this would be useful for anyone wanting to pick up a nice Hasegawa kit on the cheap that comes with gaudy decals. I got a Flanker and the Mitsubishi F-2A along the rest of my order. Prices were so good I couldn't pass on them. Beware, that there are some reboxed brands wearing hasegawa labels in amongst the crowd. Hence, I didn't buy the Berkut since it's a Zvezda. Cheers! p.s. another thing: the decals provide you with stencils so all you would need are national insignias and unit markings (if any).
  2. 2013 wasn't my most prolific year, but I neves stops to build kits. This is my last model, the Hasegawa's Elintseeker. Not much to say, always is a great pleasure to build a Hase kit. About the weathering, I prefer not to make it in fighters, I like to see them in pristine condition. In the last picture, I tried to get the same angle that the Tenjin drawing. Thank you for watching!
  3. Hi guys, when preordering the 1/72 VF-25 from hase, noted the preorder of this on HLJ, totally unexpected for me anyway 1/48 VF-1A/S Super/Strike http://www.hlj.com/product/HSGMC03/Sci 1/48 VF-1J 30th Anniversary http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG65824/Sci Martin
  4. Hi fellows !!, I'm looking to buy the one-laser turret/head for the VF-0. It is found on all VF-0 models except the VF-0S. Unfortunately HLJ is not selling specific parts at this moment which leads me to ask you guys for availability. For the ones that assembled the VF-0A/S with Ghost (if assembled the VF-0S instead of the VF-0A), the G-Sprue was not used. It contains all parts needed for the one-laser turret/head required for the A- and C-models. See picture below: My other option would be to buy the U-Sprue from the VF-0D, currently being produced. See below: If someone didn't use these components and is willing to sell them, please contact me the earliest. Thanks in advance !! Great regards !!!
  5. Hi everyone !! Last night, while taking another look at Tenjin Hidetaka's Macross art works, specially to the VMFAT-203 Hawks VF-0C flying over a Daedalus picture, I started to entertain the thoughts of kitbashing a VF-0C and/or VF-0B from the Hasegawa VF-0D and VF-0S kits available. As you may know, VF-0C & VF-0B productions were discontinued long time ago due to being both limited editions, and to find a kit at an affordable price nowadays is nearly impossible. Have anyone of you guys (specially our modelling masters or the ones that have the VF-0S or D under the belt) thought about this idea before ?. How complicated could be ?. Any additional or special work besides frankenstaining two kits ? Any references or previous topics about this subject ?. Any comment will be highly appreciated. Cheers !
  6. Found this thanks to Cancer107. A cel-shaded VF-1D and VE-1. Yes, these are model kits, not paper craft!
  7. So what follows is a list of all the kits I'm going to be selling at the MWCon. I kinda went overboard when I bought these and realized I'll never have time to build all of these. I actually have a lot more than is listed here that I just couldn't part with. There are some pretty rare kits in there so if you see something you want, find me at the MWCon. I'LL POST PRICES VERY SOON. I need to figure out what some of this stuff is worth. Anything not sold at the con will be listed here after. Pics to come... Quantity Brand Series# Model # Series Model/toy Scale 1 Hasegawa CWO7 64507 Last Exile Vanship &Vespa 72 1 Hasegawa 23 65723 Macross VF-11B 72 2 Hasegawa 12 65712 Macross Display Stand 72 1 Dragon N/A 38311 Avengers Iron Man Mark VII 9 1 Hasegawa 65792 65792 Macross VF-1S/A 48 4 Hasegawa 2 65652 Macross VF-1J/A 48 1 Hasegawa Limited 65798 Macross VF-1A 48 1 Hasegawa 2c 65752'2 Macross VF-1J Clear 72 1 Bandai 3 124909 Nausicaa Gun Ship 72 1 Bandai 10 504996 Macross VF-1J Max type 72 1 Hasegawa 20 65720 Macross VF-0A/S 72 3 Hasegawa QG3 72103 Macross Photo etch 72 5 Hasegawa MA-233SA 65793 Macross Photo Etch 48 1 Jazmine Limited 248002 Macross Photo etch 48 1 Hasegawa 3 65766 Macross Minmay Decal 72 2 Hasegawa N/A N/A Macross Model Graphix Decal 72 1 Hasegawa 15 65715 Macross VF-0S "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa 18 65718 Macross VF-0D "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65771 Macross VF-0A "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65775 Macross SV-51 "Macross Zero" 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65776 Macross SV-51r "Macross Zero" 72 2 Bandai 166791 166791 Macross Monster 200 2 Hasegawa 6 65706 Macross VF-1 Valkyre Weapon Set 72 1 Hasegawa 3 65703 Macross VF-1S Valkyre 72 1 Hasegawa 1 65701 Macross VF-1A Valkyre 72 3 Hasegawa 2 65702 Macross VF-1J Valkyre 72 1 Hasegawa 7 65707 Macross VT-1 Super Ostrich 72 2 Hasegawa 5 65705 Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa 4 65704 Macross VF-1A Super Valkyrie 72 2 Bandai 166788 166788 Macross Tactical Pod Regult 72 1 Hasegawa Limited 65768 Macross VF-1S Strike Battroid Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa 1 64501 Space Wolf SW-190 72 1 Hasegawa 1 64701 Space Wolf SW-190 "Herlock Custom" 72 1 Bandai 166790 166790 Macross Destroid Spartan 72 1 Wave KM-01-3600 KM-01-3600 Mospeada Legioss 72 1 Bandai 166789 166789 Macross Destroid Defender 72 1 wave MC-71-6800 MC-71-6800 Macross Destroid Tomahawk 72 1 kaiyodo 34 525296 Macross VF-1J Revoltech N/A 2 kaiyodo 51 525296 Macross Regult Revoltech N/A 1 nichimo 16 nichimo Macross Small Missile 200 1 nichimo 3 nichimo Macross Destroid Spartan 200 1 Nichimo 8 nichimo Macross Regult Scout 200 1 nichimo 7 nichimo Macross Regult Soldier 200 1 nichimo 9 nichimo Macross VF-1A Valkyre 200 1 Arii 16 Arii Macross Destroid Spartan 100 2 Imai 79 Imai Macross Armored Space Suit 100 1 Imai 17 Imai Macross VR-052F/T Mospeada 12 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J 48 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1A Angel Birds 48 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J Miria Fallyna 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1J Super Valkyrie 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1A Do you remember Love 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1D Variable Fighter 60 1 Yamato N/A Yamato Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie 60 3 Hasegawa 10 65710 Macross VF-1 Battroid Valkyrie 72 3 Hasegawa 13 65713 Macross VF-1A Super Battroid Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa 14 65714 Macross VF-1S Strike Battroid Valkyrie 72 1 Imai 25 Imai Macross Nousjadeul-gear 144 1 Bandai N/A 645075 Macross Nousjadeul-gear 144 1 Hasegawa N/A 65780 Macross VF-1D Valkyrie 72 1 Hasegawa N/A 65782 Macross SVF-41 Black Aces 72 1 Hasegawa N/A 65764 Macross VF-1D Virgin Road 72 1 Bandai N/A 645075 Macross Attack Tomahawk 100 1 Arii N/A N/A Macross VRLITWHAISHIP 20,000 1 Bandai N/A N/A Macross Queadluun Rau 144 2 Hasegawa N/A 65758 Macross VF-1A Angel Birds 72 1 nichimo `N/ N/A Macross Valkyrie VF-1S 200 2 Bandai N/A N/A Macross Action Base white 100 2 Moscato 12 12 Macross Spartan 72 2 Moscato 7 7 Macross Destroid Tomahawk 72 2 Moscato 6 6 Macross phalanx 72 1 Moscato 8 8 Macross Defender 72 1 Moscato 15 15 Macross Commanchero Gunship 72 2 Moscato N/A N/A Macross Zentradi Soldier 72 2 Moscato 14 14 Macross Kamjin 72 1 Moscato 13 13 Macross Gnerl Fighter Pod 72 1 Moscato 16 16 Macross Tacticar Pod Glaug w JTGraphics Decals 72 1 Moscato 9 9 Macross Regult Heavy Missile 72 1 Moscato 10 10 Macross Regult Light Missile 72 1 Moscato 11 11 Macross Regult Scout Type 72 2 Moscato 3 3 Macross Regult Tactical Pod 72 1 Honneamise N/A N/A Macross QF-300 E Ghost 72 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 5 Macross VF-1A CF 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 1 3 Macross VF-1S Strike Hik 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 1 1 Macross VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 4 Macross VF-1S Roy 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 1 2 Macross VF- 1J Miria 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 6 Macross VF-1A Angel Birds 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 1 7 Macross VF-1A Secret 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 2 1 Macross VF-1J Max 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 2 2 Macross VF-1A Hikaru 144 2 Chara-Works Vol 2 3 Macross VF-1S Minmae Guard 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 4 Macross VT-1 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 5 Macross VF-1A Hikaru Super 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 6 Macross VF-1S Strike Roy 144 1 Chara-Works Vol 2 7 Macross VF-1A Secret 144 1 MikeSalzo Macross Monster 72 1 MikeSalzo Macross LaunchArm 72
  8. The wait is finally over! (for those of you who were waiting)
  9. VE-11 Thunderseeker. Throwing Macross 7 a little milking-the-mold love.
  10. The 52nd Shizuoka Hobby Show will soon be held. http://www.hobby-shizuoka.com/index.htm The Macross related items may be handled with only Hasegawa and Bandai. Arcadia is not on the list. The first 2 days are only for the buyers and the press. The news about the new industrial products will be come on May 16th. As far as I know, Hasegawa's VF-1 new paint, VE-11 Thunder Seeker and Bandai's VF-1 may be shown at the venue. I will go there on 18th and see those new products and many completed goods by the amateur modelers. Looking forward to seeing VF-1 Riders' booth and Kanto Sakemochi-kai's one. Aside from the Macross items, the Yamato 2199 and Girls und Panzer ones may increase this time.
  11. Finally finished! The 1/48 scale VF-19A Excalibur "SVF-569 Lightnings" kit from Hasegawa. I went with a darker shade of gray, mainly because when I went to the hobby shop to buy the paint, they were out of the correct shade. The original color was for various F-16's, and this shade is too, so no complaints. I think the darker shade looks nice, anyways. The biggest challenge was masking off the area between the black and gray, while keeping the line for the lightning bolt decal. Easy solution- make a photocopy of the decal sheet, lay down a long strip of tape, and cut out the decal with a razor while on the tape. Now you've got a masking template. As always, you can see more here.
  12. Some of you (hopefully) noticed that I recently got the book VF Modeling Manual. In there, they give a description on how to do a recessed vernier for your 1/72 kit. As I am building an old Imai Gerwalk now, and trying to pep it up a bit, here's what I did to make the vernier. Start by getting yourself some 5 mm plastic pipe. I'm using Tamiya. No special reason for it being clear, that's just what the hobby shop happened to have in stock. Next, take the part you want, and drill a 5 mm hole (obviously, on the Hasegawa kits, just remove the original casted vernier area. Cut a small piece of the rod. I did around 4 mm long. Then, smooth out the rough edge. Now, here is where I'm deviating from the Modeling Manual plans, since I've got some extra parts from Jasmine Models lovely VF-1 PE set. I'm using the round pieces in the lower left. Glue the round piece onto one end of the short tube. Draw a mark on the tube for how far you want to insert it into your kit. You only want to go 2 mm or so. Put it, and glue it. Once the glue has set, trim off the excess, and sand it flat. Put on the top piece, and you're finished! (actually, wait to do this until you've primed and painted. much easier to get the inside black with no cover) Now, if you don't have the PE set, use a small disk of plaplate (5 mm, natch), and a small strip over the top of it. You'll also want to get a circle scribing template (probably around 6 mm) to go around the outside of the hole.
  13. Finally finished another one! 1/72 scale Strike Battroid from Hasegawa. Pretty much a straight OOBB. Went with the Hikaru version, since my regular VF-1S Battroid is Roy's. Few more shots can been seen at the regular place.
  14. Looky at what I just pre-ordered!
  15. What I was hoping to be the last kit completed in 2012 actually turned in into the first kit for 2013. Oh well! Pretty much a straight forward build. Used pilots from the weapons set, and a Jasmine Models PE set. And as an added bonus, 98% of the Macross kits I've completed so far.
  16. Here is my latest completed work. Hasegawa's 1/72 VF-11B Thunderbolt from Macross Plus. Cockpit Detail: And with this kit finished, I have finally completed my Macross Plus collection!
  17. I started posting my work in progress here in 2011 but I can't even find it any more... I'm going to bring it Macross World Con and hopefully get it signed! I finally finished it after 2 years of on and off work: Follow the link to a bunch of pictures... http://funakatown.co...d-minmay-guard/ At the bottom of that page is a link to the full WIP.
  18. Picked up the Minmei Guard 1/72 Strike Battroid kit for cheap for use in 2 upcoming projects of mine, and I don't need the decals. $20 $15 and they're yours, includes shipping from Japan. Also, adding in a set of the Yellow Submarine/Club M 1/72 VF-1 decals. So that's now 2 sets of decals for $15, shipping from Japan included.
  19. hi modellers! Am looking for translated instructions guides in english for hasegawa's 1/72 vf-11b thunderbolt kit. Does anyone has em or came across it? thanks for helping a fellow modeller..
  20. So, I'm getting ready to build a 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1J. I'm going to be building it with the canopy open. So, if I want to be "real world" here, should I use the decal for the main display panel so that it looks like the Valk is powered up, or should I leave the screen black, making it look like it's powered down? Thanks for your input! EDIT: I should mention that this will not be part of a diorama or display. I'm only going to have (hopefully-if my modification works out) a pilot figure standing next to it.
  21. Hasegawa Macross Series Kit #1- the venerable VF-1A Valkyrie. I had built one of these when they were first released, but it didn't survive the move from North Carolina to Japan. Had done my original one as Hikaru, but decided to show Kakizaki a little respect with the rebuild. Honestly, how many Kakizaki builds have you seen of the -1A?
  22. Hello, Here is the beginning of the F-14KAI Tomcat - Lt. Shin Kudo and his RIO Lt. Edgar La Salle, Squadron UNSF-225 on board the Illustria, ca. 2008. Hasegawa... ... but mainly the much better F-14D Fujimi kit, with different interesting options : Starting with the "office": A little modification of the figures : The main work : more work to do : Thanks for reading me. Regards,
  23. Hi guys! Its a long time I don't come to this nice forum but I never stopped to make model kits even if I am very slow... I wanted to show you what i recently finished, let me know if u like it. Album Next I'll build up the unfamous wave 1/100 VF-11D
  24. Hello, few pics of my present work : the SV-51 from Hasegawa. Very little changes, The main goal is to apply a special paint, inspired by those views (I will keep the anti-UN markings). The kit is now ready for the paint : Flanker/Fulcrum family... style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wink.gif Thanks for reading.
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