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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I am new to the forum, but I hope this topic generates some feedback as I am currently working on shoulder hinge & forearm replacement parts for a VF-0A by Yamato ( now Arcadia ). I have included some shots from my current progress. I should have a new set of replacements parts in metal here in the next few weeks. If anyone has parts they'd like to see redone in metal or plastic please PM me and let me know. We can move forward from there. PS these are precise replicas built from existing plastic (albeit - broken) parts from original 1/60 figure. NOTE: if you are interested in a quote for custom work, I will need at least one of the following: 1. a detailed set of hyper accurate illustrations including the top, side, front, and possibly bottom of the piece / part in question. and or 2. The piece mailed to me so I have it in my hands to produce sail illustrations / take measurements. I cannot do it from just a photo. Cheers! RocketBoyStudio
  2. Rodavan


    Had a lighting strike that took out my server and electrical equipment late December 2015 - after the restore , I found an old file where I started a VF-0 so I have restarted this week with front body and Gunpod
  3. I finally took the dive and ordered a Cube-3D printer from Staples. Here is the link: http://www.staples.com/Cube-3D-Printer-Silver/product_201876?externalize=certona . It is a hunk of change, but prices on printers have gone down drastically since I've started following this. I also like how it's basically 3d printing for idiots and it's supposed to work right out of the box... I highly doubt it will be so though. My main interest is just to create some low polygon count scifi recreations. Has anyone experimented with 3D printing? I think I saw some Macross replacement parts on Shapeways not long ago.
  4. So we don't continue to derail the various specific project threads related to Shapeways, figured a catch-all thread for on-going discussion could be helpful. I know a lot of people are looking at Shapeways and thinking "ooh, I should try that," so a generic advice/tips thread should be helpful. We've had various tips and experiences scattered throughout individual project threads so far. If this would go better in the Models or Workshop section, anyone who has the power to do so, please feel free to make the move. I imagine Macross stuff will pop up here from time to time, but it won't be limited to that. So yeah, open discussion, teaser pics, questions, requests, anything relating to using the service itself. I'm just now learning how to set these up, so I'm expecting a lot of (possibly expensive) trial and error learning here. Decided to start with something I already had a model handy for, and just work on converting it to a kit-like format. So far, it's all built to exact fit, so I expect to either do a lot of sanding, or add tolerances into the parts. Some of you old-school computer simmers might reconignize this one. I'm setting this up for a decently large printing, and so far the parts shown there have uploaded, and haven't generated any kind of errors, so once I get the rest built I'll probably try a test printing. Wingspan is about 4 inches, so I'm expecting the length to be around 6-7 inches assembled. Cost so far is up to about $40 for what's shown, so I'll probably shrink it further for testing. I'm going to aim for 1/100 scale if it's practical, 1/144 if it gets too expensive.
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