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  1. Greetings All - Figured it'd be best to create one thread as I go through and sell items from collection. Feel free to drop by often as this thread may be updated randomly with Bandai Renewals, Yamato Valkyries, Transformer Masterpiece and any other items that need new homes! Condition of items will be noted along with prices and shipping information. Payment via PayPal ONLY. I accept payment via Gift with no Fee, otherwise 4% should be added to the selling price. Shipping will be made after payment clears PayPal (or within 3 days) - I will ship to the following only ; Shipping within the CONUS is included in listed prices, Hawaii or Alaska please add $ 15 Shipping to either Canada or Australia + actual shipping price via United States Postal Service International Priority Mail Unfortunately I tend not ship elsewhere based on my own past experience selling and trading on the Forum. 02/09/15 - as of 02/25/15 all three still available for sale Bandai Renewal VF-25A (MISB) : $ 155 shipped in CONUS Bandai Renewal VF-27 (the newer version that comes with Fast Packs) (MISB) : $ 175 shipped in CONUS Bandai YF-30 (MISB) $ 225 shipped in CONUS PICS of VF-25A, 27 and YF-30; *OR TAKE ALL THREE FOR $525 SHIPPED IN THE CONUS* ALL SOLD!!!!! Also, no dibs unless we've conducted business on the forums before, with preference going to those members with more than 5 posts although money talks and first paid gets the item. Thanks for looking and be sure to look out as items are added! -b. *edit for previously Sold Items* Bandai DX Chogokin VF-25A Bandai DX Chogokin VF-25A Super Parts Bandai DX Chogokin YF-30 Bandai DX Chogokin YF-29 30th Anniversary Arcadia Roy VF-1S Arcadia Hikaru VF-1S Arcadia YF-19 (Never transformed/Displayed) *edit for Updates* New items added!!!!
  2. Hi everyone. Up for sale is my custom Yamato 1/48 VF-1D, which is essentially a VF-1J with my resin VF-1D conversion kit mounted. This was my custom kit as well as the demonstrator for the conversion kit which I offered several years ago. Comes with what you see in the photo only: no box, missiles, extra hands, etc. $200 plus shipping. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions, and thanks for looking
  3. like the title states, im looking for a vf-11b yamato 1/60. dont care about the box, but the toy has to be in good condition with no broken parts. If interested in a trade, I have a dx aquaion attack force type
  4. Items are as described, I accept Paypal, all buyers can send payments as a gift, or add the extra Paypal tax/charge onto the total, US buyers only, please. I'm on the straight shooter list. -Play Arts Kai God of War 3 Kratos, Figure is sealed and brand new in box, box is excellent, $85 shipped. -Bandai 2010 Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord, Figure is open and has been displayed, stickers applied, figure is in excellent condition and everything is included, this figure is fully compatible with the recently released Legacy Dragonzord and Legacy Titanus, this is a much cheaper alternative to Legacy Megazord, $60 shipped.
  5. Hello everybody, This is my first thread, but I have a question that I feel only my fellow Macross fans could help to answer. I am an amateur 3D artist and as a hobby, I enjoy modeling Valkyries. I just started a new model of a VF-11 Thunderbolt. I want to make it as close to the line art as possible while still being able to transform it from fighter to battroid. For reference, I have Yamato's VF-11B and Hasegawa's injection kits. They look good and will work great, but I noticed when I started measuring them that the proportions don't match the specs given in all the documentation of the VF-11 series. Macross Chronicle and the Macross Mecha Manual say the VF-11 is 15.51 meters long with a wingspan of 11.2 meters. When I measure the artwork from the Hasegawa instruction sheet and scale it up (assuming a length of 15.51 meters), I get a wingspan of 14.37 meters. The Macross Mecha Manual line art gave me a wingspan of 13.23 meters. I have yet to measure the Yamato toy, but just eyeballing it, I can tell it has an incredibly wide wingspan. So my questions are: 1) Is the Macross Chronicle wingspan correct, or is it a known inaccuracy? 2) If it is correct, is it with the wings fully extended? 3) Is there an accurate portrayal of 15.51 x 11.2 dimensions anywhere, either in a kit, toy, or line art? 4) Did Yamato and Hasegawa make the wings too wide, or did they shorten the body? 5) Should I just ignore the specs and go with the Yamato or Hasegawa proportions? 6) Can anyone recommend an alternate resource for VF-11 schematics? My temptation is to go with the Yamato, since it compromises nicely for transformation, while maybe scaling down the width of the wings closer to the line art. Thoughts?
  6. Hey everyone, Well, as the title suggests , looking for one Studio Half Eye 1/100 transformable resin VF-4G recast. Must be complete, with all screws,pins, vacu-formed canopy, etc. (Like the Hobby World Depot ones.) Price has to reflect the nature of the item, (ie, it's a recast....). Do not want the original one, too expensive especially if I mess up the build :-p (it can happen...) Cheers for letting me know if you do, with pics and price. m(_ _)m. Much appreciated!
  7. Can be damaged, or stickers applied - no box needed . . .
  8. Sold to Skull One, Thanks!!! did i say rare long oop. This is the complete fully assembled toy. this is not a kit. valk pictured on the right. mint. selling for 200 plus shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. pick up from NYC, NJ Bergen county area preferred. paypal add 4% fees or send as gift. no holds please! first to pay get's it. no hurt feelings intended Thanks, David
  9. MW'rs, I am looking for a Yamato 1/3000 SDF-1 that I can call my own. I would love one in the box, but of course loose and used is perfectly fine. I just ask no damage and all the accessories be included. So come on folks sell my your extra one. Thank you. Raya
  10. Hi All, Got a few duplicate items I am looking to sell. All items are MIB, NEW and CASE FRESH unless noted. Bandai 1/55 VF-1A CF $85 Bandai 1/55 VF-1A Hikaru $85 Yamato 1/60 VF-0A $225 Yamato 1/60 VF-1A CF (TV Edition) $80 Yamato 1/60 YF-19 $175 Yamato 1/60 YF-19 w/ Fold Booster & FP Bundled Set $250 Yamato 1/60 SV-51R Ivanov $300 Yamato 1/72 Macross Plus Set (YF-19 Second Edition, VF-19A, VF-11B, YF-21) $425 Yamato 1/72 YF-21 $90 Yamato 1/72 VF-19A $100 Kaiyodo/Revoltech VF-1J Figure $25 Hasegawa SV-51 r/a Model Kit $25 Toynami/Popbox Hikaru Figure $65 Toynami/Popbox Hikaru Figure Flight Suite Version $100 (minor shelf wear) K&M Macross Figure Set Series 2 (Each Case contains full sets of five figures; 10 figures total) $45 Takatoys 1/55 Toynami Robotech MPC Blue/Red Alpha Custom Sticker Sheet $5 Seika Lynn Minmay and Mylie Figure Set $50 Shipping extra. I accept PayPal via personal payment otherwise, please 4%. regards, Kevin
  11. Did a search, this didn't pop up so apologies if it's a repost. Interesting read http://www.comicvine.com/sdf-1/4055-55917/forums/sdf-vs-yamato-vs-death-star-vs-galactica-553998/
  12. All items include instruction manuals and paperwork. There is box wear, so don't buy if you want perfect boxes, All prices include shipping, CON US only. I accept Paypal gift or add 4%, thanks for looking. For Sale: Bandai 1/60 VF-25F with tornado parts gift set. Displayed for about a month then put back into box. *****has cracked left shoulder but not yet broken**** I originally bought it from a member here. as a bonus i'm including the super weapon parts free of charge. ----SOLD---- Bandai 1/60 VF-25G with tornado parts gift set. Displayed for about a month then put this back in box. has no cracked shoulders. I am the original owner bought it new. Never transformed, only far enough to check shoulders. ----SOLD---- Bandai 1/60 VF-27 Brea Sterne. Displayed for years, only transformed once to battroid then back to fighter. Has loose hips but it can be fixed by tightening the screws behind the upper legs. --SOLD-- Yamato 1/60 YF-19 V.1 first release. This the first release that had the crooked gunpod in fighter mode, and landing gear that didn't extend correctly. Never transformed, been sitting in fighter mode since i had it, there are stickers applied(from another sticker sheet) but you will be receiving the original unused sticker sheet from this YF-19. ----SOLD---- pic of yf-19 you will be receiving currently being packed into box.
  13. Fellow MWer, Longtime reader but don't sell often. I have bought from a few of you before though. Wonder why its always easier to buy than sell =) EBay ID: yman1115 Shipping is included for lower 48 states, unless specified otherwise. International shipping extra, PM for quotes. Paypal only, 4% fee waived if payment sent as personal gift. **edit** for US buyers International buyers add 4% paypal fee and are responsible for ANY customs charges and/or loss and shall not hold seller accountable in any form. Items will be packaged with extreme TLC. But I can't be responsible for shipping damage. PM me for more pics. More items to follow, check back often =) Thanks for looking (and buying too I hope.) ~~<<< MACROSS >>>~~ Books / Magazines Macross TIA This is animation 64 Postcards / Photobook, in good condition $25 Macross Encyclopedia, in good condition $15 Macross II Lovers again comic book, in new condition but a section is detached $15 Macross Plus Game Edition Official clue book, new, $20 Haruhiko Mikomoto Illustrations 1st Ed., new, $25 Megazone 23 Graffiti book, good condition, $25 Macross Best Hit Series, good condition, $15 Macross 7 Trash Comic books vol. 1-7, new, $50 Figures Bandai Origin of Valkyries 1/55 VF-1A Max w/ super armor $155 Takatoku 1/144 VF-1J diecast figure $50 Bandai Macross 7 Micro Machines #1, VF-19C $12 Banpresto VF-1S Hikaru 3.5" figure $10 Banpresto VF-19c Gerwalk figure $10 Banpresto VF-19c fighter figure $10 (all 3 for $25) Decal sheets Hasegawa YF-19 Birds of prey / Double Nuts custom option decal sheet $15 Hasegawa Macross Option Decal #2 MC-17-650 $10 Misc. scales Valks / Figures If you want additional pics, PM me.
  14. Anyone have any spare side and neck covers for V2 valks? The single chair lift would be good as well . . . thx
  15. This is the last production run of Gun Pod Straps Deadline to order is Thursday July 3rd. SALE!!!! $5 each, or 4 for $19 - FREE SHIPPING $9 each, or 3 for $21 - FREE SHIPPING Over 350 Sold PHOTO CONTEST -- Pack of 3 straps for best new photo submitted before deadline.
  16. Hey guys, I'm selling everything in the photos here currently on ebay. Some good, rare stuff in the mix Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/sch/sirhenk/m.html?item=181442580615&hash=item2a3ed21087&pt=Model_Kit_US&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 All auctions have no reserve. If you live in Southern California I'd be happy to arrange a pick up. I have a good record on ebay with no negative feedback. Almost everything is in awesome condition, feel free to ask me ANYTHING if you have questions. Hope you see something you like here. Happy bidding~
  17. Down to last few - pricing these to sell. The parts cost me $150 each, not counting assembly and painting and packaging. ONE 1/60 Zentran Green Officer Type - 3 of 6 $99 + $12.99 Shipping SOLD ( note - gun mounted in hand ) ONE 1/60 Meltran Q-Rau Pilot - 5 of 6 $99 + $12.99 Shipping SOLD
  18. MW'ers, With the greatest joy, I am happy to close this tread. Yes, I have found my white whale. Thank you all for the tips and advice. raya
  19. Up for grabs - It's case fresh Yamato 1/60 YF-19 Valkyrie w/ Fold Booster & Fast Pack Parts from my personal collection! Brand new, never been transformed! I won't bother describing it as all of you are likely familiar with this fine out of production piece! Asking $260 shipped within the USA. Paypal personal payment accepted otherwise, please add 4%. International shipping extra! Please PM me if interested. regards Kevin
  20. Up for grabs - It's case fresh Yamato 1/60 VF-0A Shin/Ghost Booster Valkyrie from my personal collection! Brand new, never been transformed! I won't bother describing it as all of you are likely familiar with this fine out of production piece! Asking $325 shipped within the USA. Paypal personal payment accepted otherwise, please add 4%. International shipping extra! Please PM me if interested. regards Kevin
  21. Some of these are from a previous post in February that was updated but I added some new items. Anyway I am moving and need to let some duplicates go to help with the move. I have for some Yamato V2 valks. These are all MIB, opened for inspection only, and have all stickers and instructions. The boxes are in great condition. The VF-1D Virgin Road and Tomahawk are the only used valks with stickers professional applied (See comments below). PM me if interested. I accept pay pal and gift pay pal, else add 4%. US buyers only and buyer pays shipping. On average shipping is about $20 USPS w/tracking & insurance. I will combine shipping too. - Tomahawk Destroid Defender Used/stickers professionally applied - $150 - VF-1D Virgin Road Used w/no sticker sheet/some stickers professional applied/included instructions - $250 SOLD - VE-1 30th Anniversary - $285 SOLD - VT-1 Used w/sholder issue/Unused sticker sheet - $300 - VF-1A Angel Bird - $275 - VF-0S MIB - $200 - VF-1 1/48 Low Viz/Unused Sticker sheet/Complete - $280 SOLD - VF-1 1/48 Stealth Super Strike Parts - $160 SOLD Any question please ask. I am on the straight shooters list. Willing to partial trade for a 1/48 MIB Urban Camo GBP set. CAO: 6 Dec 2014
  22. Hey everyone, it's my turn to put some of my babies up for sale - I'm unexpectedly moving soon and need the cash. Will put up photos over the coming days, most if not all of these are in great condition, away from sunlight and smoke-free. A little dusty perhaps but I will lovingly clean and entomb them back into their boxes with accessories and instructions. Some boxes have no shelf wear and others came damaged in the mail, as I said I will post pictures soon. All prices are in USD not including postage - I accept paypal or western union (did that once before, worked ok), please post as gift otherwise add the fee. I will calculate shipping once you send me your post code, I am in Australia so the postage may be a pain for you - but I will do the cheapest option WITH tracking. They'll be wrapped securely. Please PM with expressions of interest. Please take care of my babies ======================= Yamato; - $200 - 1/60 SV-51 Nora type, stickers and instructions intact, floppy in the usual areas. Box a little damaged, - $200 - 1/60 SV-51 CF type, stickers and instructions intact, floppy in the usual areas. This one was extra loosey goosey, was going to pull apart to customize it. Alas. - $155 (Postage + tracking included) - 1/60 VF-17S, 100% intact, some small scuffs on the upper intake in fighter - please see photos & small indentations on bottom half of piece behind modular nose - difficult to see at most angles (in battroid & invisible in fighter). 1 (small row) part of the sticker sheet removed. See photos for details. NOTE: Does not come with Super-parts.
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