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Found 1 result

  1. I am running out of room to keep these, they just take up way too much room to keep in storage. Most of them were displayed on a shelf for years and then packed in boxes after a move ~3 years ago so they may have some dust on them but not much, if any. Most have been transformed once. Some, possibly twice. I am not an avid toy collector so I don't know the in and outs of what may be wrong with them from a production point of view. So far as I know they have no issues except where noted. So please ask questions or for more pictures before committing. Unless otherwise noted, all toys have original paperwork, Decals and Hands. Decals have not been applied unless otherwise noted. I am not used to selling, only buying, so shipping will take me a few days due to my schedule and finding boxes/shipping material to ship them safely to you. All Prices in U.S. dollar. I am guessing at prices so please don't rant on me for them, I really don't have a clue what is or is not a good price for them. Prices do not include shipping, ask me how much to ship to you and your preferred carrier/delivery type and will get back to you as soon as possible. USPS is way closer and easier for me to get to so maybe faster to get to you if you are in a hurry. (So far standard shipping seems to be going for 12$-15$ in the U.S.) I don't mind shipping overseas if you don't mind the shipping price. payment via paypal preferred, pay as gift or add the % sales amount. If you would prefer a different payment method, let me know and will discuss. I am a modeler (more of a collector due to the amount of time I don't have these days) and am willing to trade for certain original kits, see list below. If you think you may have something of interest to me, ask. I do not want any plastic kits, only original resin/multimedia kits please. Here is a list of items that are not currently listed and am willing and wanting to get rid of. If you are interested, pm me with the item from the list and i will post some pictures and a price. NOTE: Please don't ask me the for my best price. That price is listed. If you would like a cheaper price, make a reasonable offer, payment plan, hold for a time period or something. There are some that have been successful in doing so, some for a few bucks, some for more. I am not selling because I need the money, really not wanting to get rid of most of them but I do truly do need to make some room and I hate seeing them sitting in a closet for no one to enjoy. Wants: 1/48 Club-M/Tanmen YF-21/VF-22S Resin Model Kit 1/48 Club-M/Tanmen VF-1S Ultimate Strike Detail Resin Model Kit For Sale: Pictures below 1/48 $150 VF-1J Variable Fighter - Hikaru Ichijo (right hand fist has started to blacken for some reason, it is not dirt) $175 VF-1A Variable Fighter - Mass Production Type - Sold (ZDZIYO) - shipped - received $200 VF-1S Variable Fighter - Roy Focker - Sold (connor99) - shipped - received $200 Armor Parts for VF-1 Valkyrie 1/60 (Ver. 1) $90 VF-1J Super Valkyrie $65 VF-1D - Hold - Sold (bbrain) - shipped $65 VF-1D - Hold - Sold (bbrain) - shipped $60 VF-1A Hikaru - Missiles are yellowing $50 VF-1A Max (Some Stickers have been applied) $50 VF-1A Mass Production (missing gun) 1/72 $60 VF-11B - Decals and paperwork is missing (no idea why), If I find it I will ship with it. One of the two canopies have been cut out nicely with a tab so it will stay in place. Never been transformed so legs are not broken and are intact. 1/10 $300 Cyclone Ride Armor by Toynami VR-052F Scott Bernard 1/48? $100.00 CM's Mospeada Brave 01 EX Legioss & Tread AFC-01Z Zeta (Red) (Hold) ZDZIYO $150 1/60 VF-22S Miria - Sold (Hazray13) $225 1/60 Fold Booster & Fast Pack for YF-19 & YF-21 $225 1/60 YF-19 Bird of Prey Unit 3 VF-1J Variable Fighter - Hikaru Ichijo (right hand fist has started to blacken for some reason, it is not dirt) Armor Parts for VF-1 Valkyrie VF-1J Super Valkyrie VF-1A Hikaru - Missiles are yellowing VF-1A Max (Some Stickers have been applied) VF-1A Mass Production (missing gun) Fold Booster & Fast Pack for YF-19 & YF-21 YF-19 Bird of Prey Unit 3 1/10 Cyclone Ride Armor by Toynami VR-052F Scott Bernard 1/72 Yamato VF-11B
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