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  1. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Super SpaceTime Model 1/170 VF-1A buildup in a vintage Imai 1/170 Factory Module buildup I've had since high-school. Soooo tiny....
  2. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Various editions of various Imai 1/72 Variable Valkyrie kits...
  3. AcroRay

    Imai VF-1D MIB

    From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    My unbuilt vintage Imai VF-1D variable kit, in a minty box, gotten for less than $20 on eBay. Happy Dance!
  4. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Boneyard lot of built vintage Imai variable valkyrie kits I got 4 cheap.
  5. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Buildup-restoration of a preowned of Imai 1/72 variable VF-1A (Bandai reissue).
  6. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Buildup-restoration of a preowned of Imai 1/72 variable VF-1A (Bandai reissue).
  7. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    Buildup of Imai 1/72 variable VF-1A (Bandai reissue), with Studio Starforge pilot.
  8. I like most of this, but I'm sorry that Zambot 3, Ideon, and the J9 Trilogy didn't make the cut. http://cartoonresearch.com/index.php/the-real-giant-robots/
  9. Up for sale (or trade) is a Very Nicely Kept Takatoku Destroid Conversion Kit. SOLD I would rate it Very Good - with only one krunkle in the left corner. I was surprised today when I opened it again, how nice and crisp it all is. As you can see in the photos it has all the parts, directions, decals (are unused and mint), trays and box parts. It even has the seldom missing styrofoam pieces that cradle the Tomahawk. A quick search on auctions shows this available from $150-$320. I will go fairly cheap IMO to move it quickly at $78 + $10 shipping. I think I paid $175 about 8 years ago. N
  10. Hi, I have an original Hi-Metal VF-1A Hikaru Type from Japan. It is in good condition, used when originally purchased in 1984 and left in storage for a few years. I am unfamiliar with pricing for this type of market, so I am only going by what MW's toy section's suggested max price: $500 OBO. Condition Notes: All parts work, nothing broken. Slight, age-related discoloration of white plastic body panels. Slight wear in locations with moving parts (top surface of wings). Missing tiny paint flakes from metal corner of leg. Missing 2 out of 5 rounds for spring loaded gun. Some locations wh
  11. I'm wondering if it might be interesting to re-visit and share some of the old topics from the archived boards from last decade just to see what kind of content we were discussing at the time. Feel free to post any of your own "re-discoveries"! I was browsing and found this little gem: http://www.macrossworld.com/cgi-bin/mwfarchive/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=8;t=6985;view=old Yes, it's everyone's favourite toy, the PVC Banpresto VF-1! It's so funny to re-read this in hindsight. Look hard enough and you will find people's first reactions to the 1/48, others anticipating the 1/55 Max & Mil
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