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Found 5 results

  1. AKA, I need motivation... Okay, for the past few years, I've been working on the Misa novella. I finished My Fair Minmay in about six months, and I (foolishly) thought that the Misa book would take about the same amount of time. Then I discovered that a full prose book takes a HELL of a lot longer than a book of scripts. Anyway, I was doing pretty well on it, all things considered, until about six months ago, when I suddenly pooped out. I'm about thirty pages from the end, and have been for quite a while now. I look at the book, I sigh, and then I put it away. Part of it is that I'm overworked (in Japan, that's a given), but part of it is that I need more motivation to finish it. And I need deadlines. So here's the prologue. In two weeks, I'll post Chapter One. Two weeks after that, I'll post Chapter Two. My hope is that this will give me a deadline firm enough to actually FINISH those last 30 pages, so I can move on to stuff like the Perfect Memory stories. Anyway, here ya go. No illustrations (yet), but I hope you enjoy it! Misa Prologue.pdf EDIT: It's done. Full book HERE: http://depfile.com/tE8YKdH
  2. Super Dimension Foto's Patreon Page Photography is a hobby of mine. Doing Macross themed Cosplay photo shoots seems like a good idea to me. I'm starting things off with a series dedicated to Misa. This project will emulate classic imagery of character in photographs (and possible video). I picked Misa because she’s a strong female character that doesn’t get that much attention. In the future I'd like to include more characters from the series or pop culture. I've already did the first shoot. You should be able to match most of the poses up with the line art. It was simple shoot with a real model. Her name is Lee and has agreed to portay Misa for several shoots. You will see more of her and hopefully others. I ask that you don't say anything disrespectful about her/them or attempt to contact them in private with the intent to harass. I will take steps to remove you from Macross World if you do. This thread will be periodically cleaned up. Why focus on one character? It is simple economics. I like to include more characters but resources are limited. I'm going to stretch my dollar by getting the most mileage out of each character. These shoots will be primarily self-funded. On my own I can afford a modest monthly/bimonthly photo shoot. I know people that will want to see the pictures will also want to see more elaborate photo shoots with more extras like new characters. If you're willing to be a patron in supporting this project we can increase the production value. Here are 2 sample pictures. I will share 1 more every other day for a total of 5 freebies. If you want to see rest of this photo set click on the link above. (Click to see bigger) (Click to see bigger) For those that don't want to sign up for a Patreon account I will accept direct donations for each set. I can also arrange things by private request for very generous patrons. Cosplay photography isn't cheap. If you're willing to donate more to help fund things we can include your requests in a future photoset to be shared with the rest of the patrons. If you don't want to share and willing to pay for everything that can be arranged as well. Special Note: None these photo sets will be pornographic or show extreme violence. This includes private commissions. I photograph clients of all ages and that is not the type of photographer I want them to see me as. Some of the photos will be very SFW and others may border on being NSFW. If is it acceptable to a museum than it is acceptable to me.
  3. Does anyone have a screen shot of the VF - 1 with nose art and Misa sitting in the back? Alternatively, when does it appear on screen? I have tried the search function without any luck.
  4. From the album: #Inktober

    Misa Hayase on a yellow post-it.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  5. Minmei who??? Hi all, here is my latest Macross Fanart. Enjoy!
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