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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the forums here, so please let me first introduce myself! I have been a long time Macross fan as far back as I can remember. I have always been into the toys, especially the VF-1 Valkyries from the orginal series. From the old-school 1/55 Bandai/Takatoku's to the new Yamato variations...I loved them all. I just wanted to share a project that I have been working on that I am sure most of you will enjoy. I'm also a big LEGO fan, and work on my own custom creations. I've recently built a fully transformable VF-1S Fokker Type. Though its not the first ever, LEGO Valkyrie, I feel that my design is a lot closer to the actual designs when compared to other LEGO Valkyrie models that are out there on the web. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions as I am constantly working on trying to improve it! Any way, here is my creation!: LEGO Macross VF-1S with removable Fast-Packs: Fighter Mode Gerwalk Mode Battroid Mode You can find more photos of my model here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/daikoncat/8651084788/in/photostream -daikoncat
  2. M'Kyuun

    LEGO VF 4 023

    From the album: LEGO VF-4

    I like this pic, as it gives a sense of scale relative to the pilot, and shows the nosewheel steering. This is also an older picture; the model has since been modified to improve the inside wing /chest pieces to better shape out the upper and lower inlets.
  3. M'Kyuun

    LEGO VF 4 010

    From the album: LEGO VF-4

    Older pic.
  4. From the album: LEGO VF-4

    VF-4 and friend.
  5. From the album: LEGO VF-4

    My LEGO VF-4 with a little side project.
  6. From the album: LEGO VF-4

  7. From the album: LEGO VF-4

  8. From the album: LEGO VF-4

    Really sunny day, and I wanted to take max advatage of the natural light. Unfortunately, most of these shots are washed out by the sunlight, and my camera doesn't filter it well. I tried all the settings, and these pics turned out the best. Shrug.
  9. M'Kyuun

    VF-4 Battroid

    From the album: LEGO VF-4

    Another pic for BrickCon placard. My idea was that this version of the VF-4, the VF-4L, was contracted for civilian sector defense, esp urban law enforcement and rescue ops, as a side venture for U.N. Spacy. After all, why let a good design go to waste? So, in this pic, I was testing the concept of the VF-4 protecting valuable logistics assets. I had a LEGO cargo ship, cargo plane, and a train set up as background props. I took some better pics in the field, where only the sky is visiable behind the props, but I'm not sure where I put them. Anyway, I like this pic b/c it shows how much the knee can bend while the model remains self supporting. The knees and hips are just technic ball joints, although I did cheat and put a small folded piece of paper in the hip joint for added stiffness. It does the job.
  10. From the album: LEGO VF-4

    Rescued, Yay!
  11. From the album: LEGO VF-4

    Another pic taken for BrickCon. I wanted to show the GERWALK being useful, so I made a two-shot scenario showing the little hazmat dude in need of rescue, with the VF-4 swooping in, and a second shot flying away with dude in-hand, Minmay style. This was shot in a nearby field, with the surroundings providing a nice background to indicate desolate isolation for the hapless hazmat guy. As before, the model was attached to a stick, which I edited out in Paint, the poor man's Photoshop.
  12. M'Kyuun

    VF-4 Battroid

    From the album: LEGO VF-4

  13. M'Kyuun

    VF-4 Battroid

    From the album: LEGO VF-4

    While looking for different backdrops to use for my BrickCon placard, I saw this fence surrounding the power supply for the park near my house. It was really windy that day, and she fell over once or twice while I tried to shoot a useable pic without my hand in the picture. We both survived the experience, although I think my blood pressure probably spiked a bit.
  14. M'Kyuun

    VF-4 in flight

    From the album: LEGO VF-4

    I took this pic in a field near my house one beautiful day last summer (2014) to use for a placard for a display at BrickCon, a large LEGO convention held each year in Seattle. The model itself was attached to a stick made of clear technic pieces, and my wife dutifully held it up against the sky for me to photograph. I don't own Photoshop, so I used Paint to eradicate the stick. It was my first time editing a photograph, and I think it turned out ok...she actually looks like she's soaring.
  15. In 2009, Top Gear's James May rediscovered some toy lines he grew up with and introduced them to today's youths - in a big way. James May's Toy Stories ran for six episodes from October to December 2009, with a special episode on June 2011. Each episode focused on a specific toy line, with some history behind their creation before May made some very ambitious projects to get kids interested in them again. Here are a couple of examples: Episode 1: Airfix (27 October 2009) - To get some school children into model kit building, May has a full-sized replica of Airfix's Supermarine Spitfire kit molded for them to assemble and paint. Episode 4: Scalextric (17 November 2009) - May pays tribute to the old Brooklands speedway by constructing a Scalextric track on the grounds where it once stood.
  16. Custom 3D printed Lego Shoulder Pads and helmet. Available here... http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41682
  17. Piece Of Peace http://www.pofp.jp/ An exhibit of World Heritage sites built in Lego, currently in Osaka from 2014.07.19 to 08.31. It's definitely worth it if you like Lego and are in Osaka. It's also a great thing to do on a rainy day and to escape the summer heat and humidity. Especially because the enter fee is quite reasonable. Even more so if you've got kids and want an escape from the hustle and bustle of Umeda. The exhibition has some of the same sets as the 2nd one (we also went to it a couple of years ago), with enough new sets to make it more than worthwhile. Some of the sets are quite large and awe inspiring (on top of inspiring). That said, I was blown away when I saw the familiar site of the Lego VF-25. And it wasn't just one - but three! And the sheer scale of the mecha behind them was also surprising. Nevertheless, I revelled at the chance to get an up close look at how Kawamori-san went about building a transforming Valkyrie - and some of the pieces he used were surprising. There were also descriptive plaques and images of what they finally ended up looking like in anime; along with an introductory note by Kawamori-san. All in all, it was a very satisfying surprise to find at the exhibition, and I hope that the pictures give you some ideas on how to make your own Lego Valkyrie, like seeing the actual sets has for me.
  18. So I love the new Lego Cuusoo projects and recently picked up the Delorean which is amazing, but here's a fun one. It just reached enough votes but I think there is going to be a huge issue to actually getting this into production due to Harmony Gold or just licensing in general but the Lego VF-1 fully transformable with Armored, Super, and Strike parts just met it's goal for possible production consideration. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/638 He also has variant versions including Max and Miria, and the Skull versions from DYRL http://www.mocpages.com/home.php/84284 Another project that just reached their goals include the Ecto-1 with all four Ghostbusters http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/36088 and of course the main site with other potentials http://lego.cuusoo.com
  19. Some LEGO variable fighters found on the web ... VF-25 ... http://www.tomopop.c...bby-15651.phtml VF-0, VF-1, VF-19, SV-51, Fz-109 ... http://www6.plala.or...s/000mctop.html Good to see the Elgerzorene get some attention. VF-171 ... http://keshitaiaugusto.deviantart.com/
  20. Encountered this amazing build by carefuldriverhongkon. at first i thought that this was not a lego model, but after a few seconds of watching it, i realized Oh My God!! It really is made of Lego. Its that amazing and of Engineering marvel that it rivals the model manufactured by Yamato... and oh... it transforms from ship mode to Battle mode too.. Heres the link
  21. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet. Did a quick search and didn't see anything, Awesome Lego VF-1J with Armor. It'd even transformable. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/638 Mod's, feel free to move, lock or delete.
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